Lifestyle Music · May 4, 2018

The Monthly Playlist: March

I have to say, I think out of all of my recent Spotify playlists, March’s may be one of my favourites I’ve ever made. It’s certainly one I know I’ll look back on in months to come and still love, and one that’ll throw me back to times and places with just one listen. With some of the songs discovered whilst in Los Angeles driving around in twilight in the back of a cab (Saturdays by Twin Shadow and Haim always reminds me of that one sunny L.A Saturday), to endless repeats of Gus Dapperton (thanks for the intro, Joe) as well as Matt Berry (yup, he sings too) and ahem, Moana- to which I’m still not certain how that got in there… Anyway! I hope you enjoy- and as always, please let me know what you’ve been listening to, too!



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