Beauty · September 28, 2017

The English Oak

A few weeks ago, as September rolled around- the days became shorter, and the leaves browner- I was invited on a magical couple of days away with one of my favourite British fragrance brands, Jo Malone– to discover their gorgeous new collection The English Oak and their two new scents English Oak and Redcurrant and English Oak and Hazelnut. Beginning with a dinner at their London townhouse and finishing with a candlelit supper in the New Forest- everything from start to finish felt perfectly apt for such a celebration, and of course the start of the new season too…

After a night at the beautiful Rosewood and a dinner accompanied by a soundtrack of overdue catch ups and excited chatter, our mode of transport the next morning from London was none other than a helicopter- meaning it was more than just the fairies in the forest offering a surreal experience (but hey, I could certainly get used to it). Flying over the acres of green countryside- where cars looked no bigger than ants and thumbnail turquoise squares had us all going ‘they have a pool!’ It made for a perfect escape from the hubbub of the city into a world which felt much further than simply a couple of hours away.

From foraging in the forest and successfully unearthing everything from brilliant chanterelle mushrooms to hampers brimming with biscuity hazelnut bark- the afternoon in the New Forest was truly otherworldly. Identifying the key notes from the scents as we walked through the clearing- it felt clear to see where the heritage of the scent had been drawn from, and growing up being obsessed with the idea of fairies and magic- you can only imagine how excited I felt.


Little me had spell books with delicate illustrations adorning the pages, boxes of crystals and hours would be spent writing notes in only the smallest handwriting that I’d hide in the garden hoping for a reply (blame it on an early fascination with a certain Sabrina and I think you have your answer)…

Either way, being able to stumble across tress laden with rolled up wishes and a cottage with two life-size fragrance bottles outside truly felt like a scene from a Hans Christian Andersen tale (just minus any witchery of course) and we even got to spend a few moments whispering wishes and then typing them up to roll and tie to the branches.


And of course- who other than the spellbinding Tim Walker to capture the campaign too. Having been a long term fan of his work since studying him at A-Level (and then wishing I had half as much skill to make anything life size), walking into the cottage in the woods and seeing it all come to life felt pretty enchanting- and hearing the rain patter onto the thatched roof as a bonfire blazed outside made it all the more cosy too.

With steaming hot chocolate perched on benches outside and campfire plates stocked up with nutty marshmallows- for a split second I almost felt pleased to pack away any summer dresses and straw hats- and I can safely say it was the perfect way to conclude a whirlwind adventure. I can’t bottle up the experience (no pun intended, I promise), but I can assure you giving it a sniff with definitely whisk you away somewhere close to the English countryside- if only for a moment (no rain or mud included).




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