Beauty · April 22, 2017

New Season Skincare

Over the last few months I feel fortunate enough to have discovered some new skincare brands that mean I’ve been able to leave my three-step-comfort-zone and start introducing some new brands and products which don’t leave me breaking out the next morning. It’s always tricky to step away from the known (especially when it works)- but it’s always a treat to try some shiny new skincare, and fortunately I can say these come recommended (and hope you might even find a gem or two here yourself, be it face or body)!

I’ll be honest- this gal can be a little lazy when it comes to looking after anything that isn’t upwards of her neck before summertime. We have to be comfortably out of tights weather for a razor to become familiar with my legs (TMI?) And when it comes to post-bath moisturising, I’m too quick to climb into by bed to even think about anything other than sleep. But this year I vow to change this. With the addition of one of my favourite Tom Ford scents, Soliel Blanc, in body oil form- as well as Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin soap and body cream (which is the most fresh summery scent)- sitting bath side, I have very little excuse to not put a little more me-time into bath-time. Additionally, I also sampled a couple of Zoella’s products this month including her Sweet Inspirations spritz and Daisy Picking candle– which are both gorgeous scents for something light and summery. Good job, lady!

And for the face! I had to include the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, as in short, it’s been my total hero product over the past two months. Since December I was so in love with my Kate Sommerville Goat Milk cleanser, but after running out- I needed something new (that I could buy in the UK)- and in stepped this bad boy. It’s gentle, does the job and leaves my skin clear and nourished, and what more could you want? Partnered with the Glow Tonic to go pads, they’ve been a power duo in keeping my skin glowing and clear. A more recent addition comes in from La Mer with their Revitalising Hydrating Serum– which although is more of a recent addition has been locking in extra moisture (but I’ll feedback soon with whether it’s worth the £££)! In terms of masks, I’ve been loving the Dior Glow Better Jelly Mask which is a gentle exfoliating mask as well as the Frank Body Glow Mask which is perfect for a morning moisture mask if you have a spare 5.

In terms of post-cleansing rituals, this month I have been using Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Cream both morning and night (and occasionally switching it up in the mornings with this Elemis Hydra Boost Day Cream). It’s the perfect neutral nourishing fix for my skin, and keeps my skin looking healthy (without any redness)! If I’m seriously in need of some peeper-love, I’ll also use the Eye Reviver from The White Company (which is more of a gel opposed to a cream) but is great at hydration around the eyes, which is hugely necessary after hours of screen time. My last love comes in from Origins and their Flower Fusion sheet masks, which have been a total staple in any quick pamper evenings (where I don’t want to laboriously apply and wash off a mask after half an hour) and work total magic.


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