Style · March 27, 2017

Girl Vs Cancer

(Lovely Jubblie t-shirt)

If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t sure how to begin this post. It’s all well and good putting on a (bloody good) t-shirt, standing in front of some blossoms (because #spring) and blue steel it until I need to put my jacket back on (because #spring). But, when the subject matter is a hundred times more important than any hip poppin’ poses I could pull I think it’s the words here that are going to speak louder than any snaps…

…And there’s no way I could ever do the subject justice either, because let’s face it talking about cancer is hard. It’s bloody hard. But my god writing about it won’t be half as difficult as going through it, which is only an inch of why I feel so proud of my pal Lauren– who is not only tackling both head on (in the most hilarious, eloquent and moving way, exhibit a)- but she’s one of the most sparkly, confident, determined, ambitious, and driven women I know- and someone, who at 30, living life in a successful career in the city, you do not expect to hear that news from.

And nobody should. Nobody should have to go what Lauren is going through, struggle with money worries due to low sick pay whilst trying to kick the C word’s ass. But- with girls like Lauren, come big ideas- and trust me when I say there are few people that could spark a business idea whilst juggling what’s on her plate- but hey, this girls a total titty trooper, so came out with these genius t-shirts, didn’t she? I hate to use the cliche ~inspiration~ word here, but I’m pretty sure if you searched ‘define: inspirational’ you’d see ol’ Lolli’s face pop up.

With each tee priced at £28 (with your choice of boobie splashed on it), 25% of profits go straight to supporting the fantastic Breast Cancer Haven, with the rest helping keep our girl on her feet until she beats the battle for good. On top of that, you can also read and see her document her incredible story on her blog, and keep up with her stories daily over on Instagram too. She’s one in a million, and whether you want to support a hugely important cause (keep up using the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER), get to know a blogger babe to bookmark or even treat yourself to a tit-tee- then she’s got you covered- and we’ve got her. G’WARN GIRL.


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