Lifestyle · March 25, 2017

Radio Alice Pizzeria

Joy is not negotiable…

I feel like a pretty large proportion of my life in London is spent hunting down delicious pizza joints. If I were to have a dating profile it would probably say something like ‘girl searching for pillowy crust’ or ‘girl looking for thin base with delicious mozzarella’- well, along those lines anyway. But! Long story short, as much as I adore hanging out at Franco Manca (my number one, FYI), indulging in Pizza Express doughballs and chowing down with friends at Home Slice (perhaps there’s a pizza post in here somewhere?), it was discovering Radio Alice in Hoxton recently which had me very excited.

Okay, maybe I’m fickle and fell for the beautifully designed typography-laden menus or the artwork covering the walls (thanks, Instagram)- but after a proper menu-investigate (and a little learn about the pizzeria’s fascinating history and founders), I can assure you it’s not just style over substance (or sustenance) here. With the menu boasting delicious cocktails prepared at the bar, a select pizza menu sourced with ingredients from suppliers and farms from Puglia to across Italy- with the shared belief on the importance of delicious flavour; it’s somewhere that oozes authenticity, is cool without being pretentious and has bloody good pizzas too (which are already cut for you !!!)- turn it up for Radio Alice!

16 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NT


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