Beauty · January 27, 2017

New In Beauty

Let’s be honest, beauty moves fast. There are new launches coming out quicker than Clean Bandit singles and keeping up with ~what’s hot~ is sometimes a little overwhelming when you’ve only got one face to try it all out on. But trust me when I say the last couple of months have been a total dream for exciting new products coming out. I’m a creature of habit and it takes a lot for me to ever change anything up, but these bad boys have made the switch totally worth it, so I thought I’d share the love.

The updated classic

I think it’s almost a rite of passage that everyone has their No 5 moment. Like it or lump it, I’m pretty sure it’s something that everyone has on their dressing table at some point in their lives- and although there’s no way I’ll ever be able to talk about it as eloquently as the wonderful Sali Hughes does here , she’s totally spot on when she says it’s the ultimate unflappable, powerful and feminine scent. Obviously, scent is subjective but I must say L’eau De Chanel feels lighter, a little softer and more delicate than it’s parent fragrance. It’s still floral, slightly citrusy and iconic in its own right, but it feels younger and something both my mum and I have been wearing almost daily. Welcome to the club, L’Eau.

Playground Essentials

Let me tell you, I am a sucker for a novelty product. Give me a cat shaped bag, Eiffel Tower shaped lipstick and you got this girls heart- but give me a fun product that also does a great job- and you’ve had me at hello. So, when I heard about Clinique’s primary inspired launch with Crayola I was almost as excited as hearing about a year 6 own clothes day. Taken from Clinique’s iconic Chubby Sticks (and who doesn’t love those) and coming in eight beautiful subtle colours (with my favourites being Fuzzy Wuzzy and Melon)- there’s just as much style as substance with these, and I’ll be making sure their in my January pencil case.

New Kid On The Block

So, let me introduce you to Beauty Pie– the new kid in my make up bag, and one of the most interesting discoveries I’ve had lately. I’ve never really considered the huge markup on the beauty products I buy, but after sampling some of the gorgeous selection from Beauty Pie, let me tell you- it’s definitely possible to have quality products (not tested on animals and using environmentally friendly inks) without spending a fortune. Their ethos is ‘makeup without markup’, and by paying a £10 monthly membership fee (which can be a one off, or rolling) you have access to incredible quality without breaking the bank and without ‘third-party distribution deals or hitting high-pressure daily sales targets’. Of course you are welcome to purchase products at a regular competitive price (say, £30 for a foundation)- but by signing up you can get the exact same foundation for about £4.75- and all of a sudden membership has paid for itself. With my favourite lipsticks being Cowboy Nude and Red Light (at a hefty £2.24 each)- you can literally sample a handful for under a tenner. Not badio, daddio!

Nouveau Cool

I don’t use many palettes when it comes to my daily makeup routine- but the ones I do use are normally YSL (which is possibly the ~fanciest~ thing I’ve ever said). I’ve spoken about my love for them in the past, but it was the new launches from their Spring Summer ’17 ‘The Street and I’ collection which really made my heart a-flutter. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful from the outside, but the pigmentation and colour selection is beautiful. Although the blush does appear a striking rich coral, it can easily be used sparingly for a beautiful natural wash, as well as the eye palette which is the most gorgeous selection of pinks and reds for a perfect subtle grunge look (which looks amazing with a cat eye flick). Kudos again, YSL. Coming soon.