Lifestyle · January 1, 2017

A little update for 2017…

And I’d love a little help from you too?

Perhaps it’s the pigs in blankets, the extreme levels of Quality Street- or a little time offline (with plenty of indulging in some of my favourite bloggers and ‘Tubers)- but this girl has been hit with the inspiration stick (which probably wasn’t the most glam way of saying it, but c’est la vie). I have no plans of world domination as of yet, but one thing I’e been thinking about is a bit of a rebrand. Okay so maybe not rebrand, as that sounds far too drastic and different and far removed, but a little bit of an update around here.

I have plenty of ideas for what I’d like to add and alter about this little space- but what really matters to me is what you’d like to see. I’ve never done anything like this, or any kind of questionnaire- but what truly matters is what you, the magic behind the website- want to see. Whether that’s the kind of content you come here for, usability or even some general feedback- every little counts! So, I’ve popped together a little Q&A below (and here) with a few pointers and it would mean the world if you could have a nosey. I want to make this space friendly for everyone- whether you’re here for travel recommendations, a five minute style stop-by or even scrolling on your phone, so do let me know! Here’s to something special (hopefully)!


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