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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


My Nail Care SOS

If there’s one thing I’m almost expert at neglecting when it gets colder, it’s my hands. I’m fantastic at prioritising my skin, barnet and even body care- but put my hands into the mix and suddenly we’re in a bit of a pickle. They get dry, nails get chipped, my cuticles look unhappy and ultimately they end up looking sadder than my neglected succulents- but this year I’m changing things up, and I thought I’d introduce you to the few products keeping this gals paws in check.

Sally to the rescue!

So let’s start with a bit of TLC. I’ve been using the number one Sally Hansen products for yonks, and having trialled everything from her Miracle Cure to Diamond Strength, I was pretty excited to add another care product to my books (you can see the full collection here). Now, before I get on to anything else, I’m all about the cuticle care. For some reason I seem to always get horribly dry cuticles (attractive, I know)- so Cuticle Rehab has been an amazing on the go saviour for quick conditioning and freshening up brittle nails too- perfect partnered with hand cream for chilly days!

Tidying my talons!

One beauty treatment I always look forward to (but am useless at making the time for)- is a good gel mani. Anything that looks polished, tidy and lasts longer than a couple of days is something I want to know about- and until recently I wasn’t sure I could achieve anything I was happy with outside of my local nail spot. Having less than steady hands I’ve always been one to leave my tips and toes to the experts- but after using Miracle Gel Nail Polish paired with some gorgeous pre-care products, even I’m impressed at how quickly things can be spruced up around here (FYI, I’m particularly partial to the festive ‘Redgy’ at the moment) …

With a quick drying pigmented colour coat and the Miracle Gel Top Coat being the only duo you need to complete the perfect at home mani (the clear top coat polish has to be partnered with the gel colour to work)- it’s the perfect way to achieve something pretty flawless (and effortless) with the comfort of Gilmore Girls and your PJs on too. I told you staying in was the new going out! (Plus, it all comes off with normal remover too, huzzah)!

Post in collaboration with Sally Hansen, but love of pretty paws, endless nail colours and some TLC-nail care all my own


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