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My #1 Quick Lunch (Bagel Style)

Because nothing says elevenses like an fashwun-avocado bagel, right?

I know, I know- a blogger doing a recipe featuring fashions most favourite fruit- who’d have thunk it?! Plus, stating this as a recipe feels like a little cheat in itself too (but hey, if Nigella can do it, so can I, people)- but if you’re after something that will satisfy a rumbling lunch time tummy (and doesn’t take five minutes to pull together)- then this is for you! Made up one day with a few things I had lying about (I don’t always have dried chipotle on tap, I’m not that flash)- it’s the perfect ‘could-be-fancy’ lunch with a little kick too!

You will need:

– 1/2 an avocado (or a whole one, whichever you fancy)
– A splash of garlic oil
– A pinch of dried chipotle
– Salt & Pepper
– 1 bagel
– Houmous of your choice

I appreciate these terms are non-Bake-Off appropriate, but this is very much down to ‘each to their own’!

1. In short, mash the avocado with the oil, salt and pepper and chipotle.

2. Now for the, ahem, tricky part? Toast the bagel, before adding a layer of houmous and then your avocado on top. DONE. You’re ready to eat it and enjoy one of the easiest and most delicious lunches.


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