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New Artists #2: The Great Escape 2015

Slaves The Great Escape 2015
Slaves The Great Escape 2015
Slaves The Great Escape 2015

Out of all of the acts across the weekend at The Great Escape, Slaves were the band that Joe and I had possibly been most excited to catch. We’d heard a fair bit about the duo (not realising that they came from our neck of the woods- SEE, Kent is cool), so got down to the venue early to secure a moshpit safe spot (because secretly, I am 80 years old, and it wasn’t just my hefty camera holding me back). In short, their set was amazing. It was fun (any act that throw out a giant mantaray during a song of the same name gets serious sea life kudos from me), powerful, angsty and felt like we had caught something special. Although their tracks are simple, the punky bluesy inspired riffs laced with cheeky social commentary and the energy of the two make for something not worth missing. Plus, their album is bloody excellent too- go go go!

Check them out here

Violet Skies:

Now, Violet is cool. Not does she look the part with her icy blonde hair and striking blue eyes, but this girl can juggle dripping tap-style minimalist drum beats with classical keys alongside velvety vocals- and make it look like the easiest thing in the world. All whilst sounding bloody brilliant. A mix of soul, electronic and classic, with deep solo beats and stripped back raw vocals- everything about Violet Skies feels truly organic, and dare I say it- fresh, there’s a reason this lady is one to watch.

Check her out here

Beach Baby:
Beach Baby

Put it this way, if you can see a band in the beginning of May and still have their song in your head towards the middle of June- you’ve probably caught someone good. That’s exactly what happened after Joe and I caught Beach Baby playing ‘No Mind No Money’ (as well as a handful of others), perhaps it was the mix of undone surfer rock meets Smiths-y riffs that had me at hello (we both said there was something a little ‘Swim Deep’ about them)- or perhaps it was the chorus of ‘little little’s’ that I couldn’t shift. Either way it was love, and you’d most certainly be forgiven for thinking this London bunch were from sunnier West coast climes with their beachy sound- the clue’s in the name, right?

Check them out here

If you just took a glance at these three north London based sisters (long, beautiful mops and all) you could easily assume they’re the UK’s offering of Haim, and in total honesty, you wouldn’t be too far off of the truth. Jagaara’s sound is a combination of brooding atmospheric minimal guitar, echoing and somewhat haunting vocals with a touch of Fleetwood Mac thrown in for good measure- which all in all equates to something pretty bewitching and a little bit Warpaint too, which is pretty special indeed…

Check them out here

P.S Sorry for the lack of photos on this post, annoyingly I lost all snaps from TGE when my camera was stolen last month, so an Instagram and lots of Slaves pics will have to suffice!


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