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The Generation Game

L'Oreal Perfect Age Post
In my opinion there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect age’. Having grown up around women of all ages, embracing life to the full and celebrating everything from the mundane in day-to-day life (never will I believe anyone can get as excited about DIY SOS as my mum) and having a true zest for all things new, has made me believe that there is always something to look forward to, even if that does include gaining a few ‘experience lines’ in the process. So- when L’Oreal got in touch about their ‘Perfect Age’ campaign, and their new ‘Age Perfect’ products (right in between both International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day)- I thought, who better to chat to than two of the most inspirational, beautiful women I know- both inside and out- my mum and hers too. Although we mainly chatted all things beauty, being able to share everything with these ladies from recipes, tips, embarrassing anecdotes (as well as impending Zara purchases) makes me feel like one incredibly lucky girl, and to have guidance from two women who have been through more than I can ever imagine, gives me promise and hope that one day I can be half as strong, caring and wonderful as them- without getting too soppy of course…

So, ladies! What are you top tips for caring for your skin and feeling great about it?
Mum: Drink lots of water (I try and carry a big bottle around with me during the day), take your make up off every night, get plenty of sleep and try and eat healthily (which can definitely be easier said than done)! I find that if I don’t drink enough water during the day, my skin gets really bad and dry the next day- so it’s a bit of an incentive to drink.
Nan: One of the things is definitely to take your make up off every night, religiously- I always have. It’s also so important to moisturise each morning and evening, and to use a good oil on your skin.

Feeling confident can sometimes be quite tricky. What makes you feel confident?
M: In terms of something that isn’t appearance based- I think cooking a good meal for friends can make you feel really confident, and being around, talking to, and generally having a good time with my friends definitely makes me feel confident and happy.
N: When my hair looks nice! I’ve managed to find a good hairdresser that I love to bits and he does a really good cut, so that definitely has the power of making me feel good- and my dentist too!

L'Oreal Perfect Age Post

You’ve both got such incredible skin (hopefully it’s in the genes)- what does your beauty routine look like?
M: Quite simple really. A good moisturiser morning and evening, and I’ve also started to use an oil in the evenings. I swear by a good foundation too, which can really give your skin a boost during the day.
N: I tend to use a hot cloth cleanser both morning and evening, a lovely moisturiser and every night I try to put an oil on too- and that’s really it! Sometimes simple can be better.

What beauty product could you not live without?
M: Ooh a blush, as I’m quite pale! No wait, I’d say a mascara- or a good cover up! But if you look after your skin that helps too!
N: It’s a difficult one- all of them!

If you could say anything to your sixteen year old self what would it be?
M: Just stop worrying. Don’t think about what other people make of you all of the time, and know that you’re a good person- which is what counts. Plus, try and be positive!
N: Just embrace life. Every day is a new day and there’s always something to look forward to, and try and look on the bright side- even when it can be tricky.

Finally! Any tips to feeling confident and enjoying your age?
N: Laugh a lot! (and FYI, my nan laughs. A lot).

L'Oreal Perfect Age Post

Post sponsored by L’Oreal, but all opinions my own- and all skin Photoshop free (as these ladies are complete babes, and let’s face it, I have no idea how to)!


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