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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!


Getting my eBay on…

Hello I am Olivia and I am a bad shopper. Not in all senses, I am a great shopper when it comes to impulse buys, frivolous spending and being completely impatient with vintage shopping- but in terms of finding great deals, rummaging for bargains and discovering incredible one off’s, I’m pretty pants. For ages I longed to be that girl who picked up that one off vintage sixties mini off of eBay, and there are still days I scour the site for that Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress (yup, if anyone’s selling, ahem)- but it’s only until lately that I’ve developed a real penchant for eBay- with a little help from their new Collections feature.

eBay Collections livpurvis
eBay Collections livpurvis

Okay, I’m not much of a dedicated seller (although with a little patience there’s a blog sale around the corner) but it’s creating Collections (and subsequently buying from them) that’s really had me at hello. Inspired by my favourite people (read: A Chung) and eras (60’s/70’s) I’ve curated twelve boards filled with items that I love, making shopping a little more straightforward and outfit building hopefully a little simpler- a Pinterest for shopping if you like, and I hope you can get as inspired shopping and building your own as I have mine! Have a nosey here if you fancy!


This post comes to you in collaboration with eBay


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