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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!


Here come the GIRLS…

GIRLS Cafe De Paris

Now, I’m not one to usually document events or nights out- or, dare I say What Olivia really did on a weekday night (sleep, FYI), but on this occasion I’ll make an exception. I’m certainly the kind of girl that’s normal Wednesday evening is spent wishing she had a bath bomb to hand, wondering when Made In Chelsea will be starting again and falling asleep at her laptop at silly o’clock- wild, I know. But once in a blue moon (or when a new series of GIRLS begins) something quite amazing happens and a Wednesday night looks like an evening in Haymarket with Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, Marnie and my main gal Gemma. Not bad hey?

GIRLS series 3 party
Nina Cosford

It’s only recently I’ve become a fully fledged GIRLS convert, after slacking a little after the first episode (I’m the person that still hasn’t watched Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones- I’m a bit slow, ok?) and rapidly zooming through the second season DVD- it’s no wonder people adore it so much.

With a Q&A with the cast and creators (hosted by none other than Richard E Grant) followed by a screening of the first two episodes, it was amazing to listen to someone as intelligent and talented as Lena talk about the show, and then watch her performance in it afterwards (yup, talk about world class multi-tasking)- plus, I also discovered the a-mazing talented of illustrator Nina Cosford at the event, who illustrates scenes from each episode, which are quite frankly, awesome. Check out some of my favourites below! The lady is a dream.

Nina Cosford

Plus, you can watch all of the episodes over on NOW TV (and all past series’ too)- with this handy entertainment pass! Cool huh? What series’ should I get watching next? Send answers on a TV guide!


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