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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!


How to ‘Inspire Your Day’…

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog of late, you’ll know I recently partnered up with the lovely people at Alpro, for their new ‘Inspire My Day’ campaign. I won’t repeat it again to those who have read it (ain’t nobody got time for that)- but head here for a little bit more information if you wish; I promise it’s worth a look!

Anyway- today I’ve built up a mini-series and small list of things that inspire me, or little things you can do to make each day a little bit more merry. All of the below are so simple, and can really make a difference if you’re feeling a bit blue- or just want to try something different. Additionally, I know there’s only ten tips here, but if you’d be happy to see me continue this list over the next few weeks (even though the campaign would have ended) let me know- nice things are for life and not just campaigns, right?

1. Go for a walk…
Most evenings after work I make a vow to go for an evening walk; whether it be a quick lap round the park, around the block, or even to Sainsburys (with an obligatory magazine and Malteaser stop off). Often, I don’t stick to it- but when I do I notice how refreshed I feel, and additionally it allows me that little bit of ‘me’ time, and a few moments to gather by thoughts, burn a few kcals and not stress. Plus- who can beat walking around during the golden hour?

2. Switch off
When I was at Glastonbury I intentionally took a phone that had no internet. Read: no Twitter, Facebook, emails or Instagram- scary right? Saying that, it was amazing to literally switch off for a few days- actually enjoy life and what was going on around me, and not feel the need to photograph, or tweet about it first. I know 5 days is a long time to be without the interwebz, but even if it’s every evening after 8- until you wake up, it’s a pretty lovely treat to feel disconnected and actually read that book, or write a little.

3. Get juicin’
Now, if you know me, you’ll know I really try to keep as healthy as I can. I usually aim for 5 a day (and usually hit 3)- so gettin the ol’ juicer out is a sure-fire way of getting a healthy boost. For the one above I used a pack of amazing frozen berries (and banana) from Waitrose, along with Alpro pouring yoghurt, and a splash of milk- so tasty!


4. Make a playlist
Despite the fact I spend an unhealthy proportion of my life on commuter trains, the Central Line and buses; the promise of a new playlist most Mondays sees me through many mundane moments. Recently I invested in a Spotify Premium account (at an extra Β£10 a month) which means I have music constantly on the go, and can update as I discover new things (this includes the Les Mis soundtrack). Plus, it also makes an awesome soundtrack to Candy Crush; if you’re that way inclined ; )

5. Organise yourself
If there’s one thing I hate a lot of (chocolate? no. Shopping? no.) It’s mess. Although I can get sloppy when things get busy, I find it a lot easier to unwind and relax in an environment that is clean and organised (do I sound crazy yet?) Plus, dare I say- it can be therapeutic. The satisfaction of emptying a packed wardrobe, getting rid of anything unworn or wanted and re-organising it (colour coordination optional) is pretty lovely if you ask me.

6. Have little things to look forward to
Whether it be a day out with friends, a lunchtime in your favourite cafe or even pre-ordering a new book online on Amazon- there’s so many small things you can do to, to give yourself something to get excited about. As lame as it sounds, I have a cookie jar in my bedroom (c/o Mama P) which I always look forward to going to up to bed to, after a warm bath and with my favourite book in tow- not bad huh? Plus, it doesn’t have to be costly.

7. Go film
Although I wouldn’t swap my Canon digital for anything in the world, the charm of taking my Olympus out for a spin is one of life’s small pleasures. Ever since getting it for my birthday, and playing around in the dark room during A-Level- getting a roll of film developed, and seeing all the surprises from the past few months appear in front of you is one of the most fun things to do, and something I always look forward to!

8. Take up a hobby
Ever since receiving my new bicycle/baby last week, I can’t get enough of going for evening rides/staring at it/and being able to do something fun after work, whilst knowing I’m keeping fit- it’s a complete win win. Additionally, I’ve been thinking of taking up some kind of dance class- but for the time being I think I’ll stick to Youtube dance tutorials… Ahem.

9. Hit the kitchen
One of my favourite past times on a Sunday afternoon, is doing a quick supermarket sweep for ingredients- and then baking something amazing for Sunday dinner pudding. It’s inexpensive, it’s a good way of practising avoiding soggy bottoms- and a nice way to socialize with family while doing something you love- and get great results at the end.

10. Write a letter
For me, writing letters, posting a postcard or sending small gifts via snail mail are often limited to family holidays (where cheesy postcard writing is obligatory) or very special occasions. However it was only recently I realised how much pleasure I actually get from posting something small to a loved one; be it a note to let them know I’m thinking of them, a birthday gift carefully wrapped (Pinterest style) or even quoting silly anecdotes on the back of a postcard from the other side of Europe- getting them at the other end is really where the pleasure lies and I think we should all do it more.

P.S Although this post was written in conjunction with Alpro’s ‘Inspire My Day’ campaign- this is not paid content. Follow the Alpro campaign on Instagram using the hashtag #inspiremyday!


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