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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


You’re the Oscar Wilde short stories in my bookcase, you’re positively 4th street isolated in my iTunes

When thinking about my favourite past era, in terms of culture, and more so, fashion I’d always say the 60’s. Despite having a soft spot for fifties prom dresses, nineties graphic prints and the sophisticated ladylike shapes of the forties- there’s something ‘quirky’ and fun about the beatnik styles of the sixties that I can never quite put my finger on. Perhaps it’s the fact that throughout that particular period, trends could diverge from a chic and simple a-line mini to androgynous drain pipe jeans teamed with bulky Chelsea boots (and not forgetting a Lambretta- the accessory of the times). There was such an enormous contrast that whether you were tipped out in monochrome prints or masculine tailoring, you were sure to be getting something right.
So, when my friend Lucy and I decided to get together to take some photos it wasn’t difficult to come up with a flexible and exciting theme. We wanted something that combined today’s trends with that of the past- without making the images appear too theatrical or cliché. With the BBC’s recently broadcasted ‘We’ll take Manhattan’ as a prime source of inspiration, as well as the animation and vitality of the eras photography we certainly had a good time shooting some snaps together!

With Lucy behind the camera and me (hopefully not too awkwardly) in front, we braved the snowy conditions and began to snap. Using a local town as our main source of inspiration and the community feel of our surroundings, we tried to create something as authentic, and fun as we could- without freezing out fingers off!

The thing I like most about Lucy’s photography is her ease to inspire and set up some really interesting and playful shots. From the moment I arrived at hers this morning (and since we’d been messaging earlier this week) she was brimming with ideas, having researched photographs, photographers and fashion images of the time she had a clear image of what she was after, meaning her photo taking oozed a somewhat fearless streak and she knew exactly what kind of locations would work (bar an impromptu visit to the local butchers!).
I strongly recommend you pay a visit to Lucy’s portfolio here and even drop her an email if you like what you see! Being a hugely talented and budding new photographer she’s hugely interested in getting as much experience as possible, so if you’d like some photos taking then you are definitely in safe hands…
Which eras inspire you the most? What do you make of our attempt to re-live Britain’s most swinging year?

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