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From starting university, to making the decision to leave (and winning my first blog award) - the year of 2011 was a big one for me- and I finally moved back to London to intern and dedicate a little more time to the blog...


A Girl Can Dream: Autumn/Winter

So, with the ever changing weather of England it’s easy to forget what season we actually are in- especially when next seasons collections begin hitting the shops. By this I mean, with the rain and clouds and impending fall clothing in shops, last week I forgot we were in July and ended up dressing for October.

However, on Sunday I bought my first winter jumper from Topshop. Since then the weather has been glorious! This leads me to believe, as I earlier explained on Twitter, that if I continue to buy Autumn clothing, the weather will remain nice, no?

Anyway, with this theory firmly under way, and even though my current cash balance won’t allow it, I have started browsing new collections in order to plan my very much dream winter wardrobe… ah, a girl can dream.


It’s safe to say I have fallen in love with each of these items, and feel they would happily carry me through the next few months. I love their simplicity and versatility, and oh my goodness how gorgeous is the Dahlia dress- time to get saving!


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