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let’s go surfing

so, after shorting posting my last entry, I realised that keeping two separate blogs could be quite complicated (to an extent…) so I thought I’d simply transfer all my old posts onto here and make this music and fashion based to make it more exciting πŸ™‚

I wrote this review of The Drums instore in April, it was such a fabulous night and I took some snaps πŸ™‚

I also wrote this review after the instore, and I must say they’re really coming to be my favourite band (The debut album is also amazing, so if you haven’t already- have a listen!):

Okay, so last night I went to see The Drums performing at Rough Trade East- one of East London’s most reknown record stores. Being one of the most highly anticipated bandsof 2010, I- along with a group of friends arrived several hours early, but ‘oh mumaa’ (anyone see what I did there?) was it worth it!

Coming on stage just after 7, the band performed a hearty mixture of new tracks from their forthcoming debut album (release date June 7th), along with their debut track ‘Let’s go surfing’, and newest release ‘Best Friend’, in which lead vocalist Jonathon stated was about his ‘dead best friend’. The band succeeded in getting all the audience on their toes, dancing like robots with sharp hand movements and a somewhat Joy Division ambience about them , many of the audience wishing they had turned their jeans up and slicked their hair back in order to be like the New Yorkers graced in front of them.

Towards the end of their animate and radiant set, I asked myself

“Is it too early to call The Drums my new favourite band?”

and it’s true. Performing tracks that could have been whisked straight from an 80’s record player, and having been compared to the likes of The Beach Boys and The Cure, it seems there are bright things in the furture of The Drums, and I can’t wait to see what they are.

Listen to The Drums at


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