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Why We Chose To Have A Wedding Celebrant

Until it came to planning our own wedding, I hadn’t really thought that much about the legalities. Being at home, we knew our venue was a registered wedding venue, which meant sorting a registrar would be pretty straight forward (provided we sorted things out on time)- and that side of things, once we’d given notice, was pretty much taken care of.

One thing we hadn’t really ever considered was having a celebrant instead of a registrar. Although this would mean doing the legal paperwork bits separately, when we discovered my brilliant pal Sarah Powell was also a celebrant with Humanists UK, it swayed us in a bit of a different direction- and actually made the biggest difference to our special day. In short- having a celebrant, meant we were able to customise our ceremony to be whatever we wanted it to be- which felt like something we both agreed we’d really want to do.

Although it was easy enough to have a registrar (and would still make for a gorgeous ceremony if that’s what you choose to do), the idea of having a celebrant- and making the ceremony completely personal and unique to us felt like a really special personal touch that had the potential to really transform a part of the day that can sometimes feel quite serious, formal and impersonal.

We chose to do the legal bit a couple of days before our wedding, keeping it to our parents as witnesses, and us in our local civic centre, which yes, was every bit as chic as you might imagine (think abandoned eighties office blocks and old sixth form common room vibes and you’re getting closer). Initially I was worried that doing this before the wedding would ‘take away’ from the big day, but if anything, it made it far more relaxed and enjoyable. We knew the legalities were out of the way, and it was the most special part that was left.

And honestly? It was the best thing we could have done. Having Sarah on board for the ceremony meant we were able to make the ‘serious’ part of the day one of the most unforgettable parts. Not only did she conduct, write and piece together the elements of our ceremony (which consisted of a handful of heartfelt readings selected by Joe’s sisters, my brother and best friend)- Sarah also held our hands through writing our own vows to one another, giving advice and direction if anything ever felt too overwhelming.

We all met up a couple of times before the wedding and really got to talk about ‘our story’- which she shared and articulated so beautifully during the ceremony, that even I got a bit soppy all over again. It felt like such a warm, special and intimate part of our day, and sharing it with our loved ones felt like the perfect way to start such a sentimental occasion.

Although initially we didn’t know what to expect planning our own ceremony, doing it this way didn’t feel at all daunting and further implemented to us that this day is exactly whatever you want it to be. Having a celebrant was something we’d never initially thought of, but was just another element of planning that we’re glad we considered and added into our day. After all there’s no right or wrong way of getting married- and choosing to go down a more, or less, traditional route will always be the right thing, if it’s what you both decide to do.


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