Europe Travel · December 15, 2018

The British Seaside in Winter Time

In my opinion, some of the most special memories made are the ones often unplanned and unexpected. In an age where choreographing moments to the otherwise untrained eye are everywhere- it’s the candid (no, like really candid), barely captured times that so often are the ones that should be worth framing.

Although a lot of our trip to Ramsgate last week was left unclicked by a lens, it was probably one of my favourite few days of the year, and something I did (ironically) make a bit of an effort to snap as and when I could- especially as the British seaside this time of year, much like summer, is one of my favourite places to be. Despite booking it months ago to celebrate my mum’s 50th birthday- we hadn’t really made any firm plans for our time away- with the priority being simply to spend time together, catch up on some Christmas films and enjoy a little fresh air too (being grown ups and all).

Despite being pretty well versed with the Kent Coast- Ramsgate was somewhere I didn’t know an awful lot about (excluding it’s infamous ‘Spoons, of course), but staying tucked right along the front opposite the harbor was the biggest treat to wake up to every morning. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful Georgian townhouse overlooking the coast, and for a few days it truly felt like living right next to the sea- with gawking gulls and symphonies of splashing soundtracking morning dog walks and the flashing of Christmas lights adorning boats as the sun went down.

Over the week we made tracks around Kent (the joy of being with people who properly drive), but still made time to pootle around Ramsgate and tuck into breakfast under the arches at a place called Archive– somewhere I’d seen popping up, and somewhere that did the most delicious breakfast, homemade cakes and home-ware too. I also f i n a l l y managed to watch Bohemian Rhapsody on our last full afternoon when we had a little free time, with my mum and I picking up cheap afternoon tickets at the Granville theatre, and sobbing, singing and cheering all the way home (honestly, don’t start me- I’ve only just stopped talking about it).

With trips back to Broadstairs and Margate also on our agenda- I was so excited to take my parents back to a couple of places they hadn’t visited in years. Now, although the seaside is a very different place come December than it is in June- I hand-on-heart still think there’s something magical about it. There’s a coziness that’s unrivalled about bundling up in layers for a stroll on the windy sands, and although the blue sea might be exchanged for grey waves- it’s the moments in-between, getting a steaming cuppa at places like Wyatt & Jones, or Smiths for a hot chocolate that really make it worthwhile.

We also managed to head to Margate on the Monday- which although admittedly is never the best day to visit a seaside town (especially in winter, as so much is shut- check out Charlotte’s guide for more suggestions)- we still had a gorgeous time wandering around Cliftonville, popping into MarMar, K.G Winters Grocers and Cliffs– places I’d heard so much about but had only ever seen on Instagram feeds. I also managed a bit of a walking tour with my family- pointing out some of my favourite places and spots to eat, open or not.

My dad had also had a handful of recommendations for a little pub in a place called Seasalter, about a half an hour drive from where we were, in a place called The Sportsman. Unassuming from the outside, with a little conservatory area and oak-lined walls, it could quite easily be mistaken for any traditional British pub- but it was the food that was really somethin’ else. With a menu handwritten on blackboards daily and sourced locally and fresh- although it wasn’t strictly traditional pub grub, it was unpretentious, creative and absolutely delicious- with everything from fresh trout, lamb with potatoes and vegetables- and desserts including the most mouth-watering Bramley apple soufflé- we were spoilt to say the least- and it probably speaks volumes to hear that this little place is pretty much booked-up year round too.

It was a total treat to take a few days away from work with my nearest and dearest, and it truly was weeks like this that made me feel so spoilt being self employed and having the luxury of stepping away for a few days. With the last few weeks having been some of the most intense and full-on career wise, rewarding myself with some family time, sea air and unlimited I’m A Celeb was a total luxury, and I know I certainly won’t be waiting until summertime to head back to the beautiful British seaside.



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