Style · October 1, 2018

My Jewellery Collection

Until about a couple of years ago, I wasn’t really a jewellery person. I had occasional costume pieces that I’d once consider putting over a ‘nice jumper’ for best, and occasionally some sparkly studs to snazz things up- but the thought of treating myself to a piece of jewellery seemed like the most indulgent thing- like buying fancy underwear or a perfume outside of Christmas.

But- maybe I’ve been influenced, both my my granddad (a true champion of a silver signet) or by a certain Lucy Williams– but either way, my collection is now a little more considerable, and although I’m not loyal to a particular colour (all about that gold and silver clash) I’ve discovered some wonderful brands along the way that produce some gorgeous pieces without breaking the bank either- meaning pre-festive treats are a go go…


Hoops are probably my most worn piece of jewellery (aside from a certain special ring), and are something I’m happy to spend a little more on- being a lazy girl who showers/sleeps/dances/etc in them all day every day. I have about three pairs of miniature ones I wear on rotation- including two from Astley Clarke and one pair from Oliver Bonas– all of which have worn incredibly well. I also have a little paisley in my left ear from Love Hate Social Club, which never comes out (mainly because I fear if I took it out it may never go in- definitely a tape over it for P.E kinda piercing).

For bigger hoops, I absolutely love the things the girls at Rock ‘n’ Rose come out with. All wildly affordable, their jewellery wears and lasts so well, and I’m particularly partial to their twisted hoops, and my Madewell super large ones (which are brillo for a statement look).

Two of my most special pairs come from Simone Rocha and Anthropologie. The scalloped hoops were picked up in last years Net-A-Porter sale, and are possibly the most pricey piece I’ve bought, but I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and a nice spin on something I wear all the time. The Anthropologie pearl ones were a Christmas present from my nan and granddad- and again a pair that really lift an outfit and look pretty bloomin’ fancy if you ask me.

Finally, a brand I absolutely love are Milktooth for their slightly more contemporary designs (and brilliant vintage), as well as the gorgeously colourful Night Time Holiday– a brand I recently came across and quickly made an order from too.


Typically, there’s three brands I wear necklaces from- Astley Clarke, Missoma and Daisy Jewellery. Both the mother of pearl mini floris and malachite pendant are two of my absolute favourites from Astley Clarke, and always remind me of the kind of vintage antique jewellery I love. On top of that, I rarely take off my Lucy Williams x Missoma Ceaser coin necklace (that girl has a lot to answer for in terms of my jewellery collection) and also adore Daisy for their delicate designs with shape and precious stones too.

(Mini Floris Necklace, Green Necklace, Circle Necklace)


My ring collection consists of about 5 rings I wear on rotation- my engagement ring (which, y’know, never comes off) and then a mix of pieces from & Other Stories, Chupi and Astley Clarke (here and here)– with the former having one of the best jewellery collections on the high street, at such reasonable prices. My shell ring and signet are both from there, and despite wearing them all the time, haven’t tarnished at all. My Chupi ring is one of my absolute favourites- her jewellery is by far some of the most twinkly and beautiful- and if you’re looking for a really special piece I’d recommend her straight away for some truly magical designs.



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