Style · April 25, 2018

The White Boiler Suit Of Dreams

Ever since I arrived in Los Angeles, I’ve been comfortably settled down into spring mode. With a case packed with denim jackets, little white trainers and tea dresses- it’s only now that the weather has decided to hit something over fifteen degrees that I guess I can now extend that wardrobe invitation to London too.

So, let’s talk about the jumpsuit. THE JUMPSUIT. I very rarely fall in love with items on an impulse love at first sight basis, but with this bad boy, I’ll make an exception. Having done a spot of shopping in Madewell (a.k.a one of my favourite stores, which is now open in London too- huzzah)- I’d picked up these earrings, headscarf and a couple of blouses before spotting this as I queued up at the counter.

Naturally, being stood with mega babe (and also ultimate style connoisseur) Brittany– we both agreed that one of us had to leave with it- so back to the changing room I went- and let’s just say the rest is history. Not only is it the perfect culotte-style length, with a slightly wide sleeve and tie waist, but it’s the perfect light summery fabric, and one which doesn’t seem to crease ludicrously easily either (alarming, consider how cool it is to wear).

Anyway- I won’t bore you with the technicalities of the fabric content and how much I bloody love it any further (god knows I’m trying)- but I’m pretty sure it’s setting the tempo for the rest of my spring and summer wardrobe already: lots of whites with a mix of boyish shapes offset with feminine details and accessories to add a little bit of fun.

Having packed it in my case for New Zealand, I pulled it out on our last day in Christchurch and it made for the perfect option for exploring the city in bright sunshine. Paired with a denim utility style jacket, my Superga trainers (which aren’t retiring anytime soon) and my favourite hoops and scarf- you can expect to see plenty more of this dream team around here come April- just let me know if I start going on a little bit about it, ok?


(Jumpsuit: Madewell, Scarf: Madewell, Hoops: Madewell, Trainers: Superga)


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