Uncategorised · December 7, 2017

Day 7 of Giftmas: The Blogger Pal

(You are a Badass, Little Black Book, Γ  Paris, Battery Pack, Harddrive)

On the seventh day of Giftmas I picked out some of my favourite ‘blogger’ picks…

This is a funny one, because although you definitely don’t need to be a blogger to like or need any of these things- I thought it might be fun to pick out some pieces I know people would love for the ~gram~, to help keep their lives in order- or things I’ve just seen that get a lorra love from the internet (that’s not to say blogger loves don’t extend beyond the realms of fashion or Instagram, obviously). There’s no saying these couldn’t be for anyone else (duh) but with these two books from Uwagba and Sincero being some of the best I’ve read for business motivation- and Jeanne Damas’ book being nothing short of dreamy inspiration, there are definite suggestions these could be an incredible prompt for the self employed. Additionally, how could I not include the mother of all external harddrives and a pretty battery pack too? See below for some other failsafe picks too!

Can I quickly take a picture first?



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