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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 29/5/2017

I wasn’t going to post this today, I’ve spent the last few hours toing and froing- but after much deliberation here we are. It’s always difficult to know how to carry on after events like the tragedy in London yesterday evening- amongst the heartbreak and sadness, but after a bit of thought think this could be a nice bit of light relief amongst a flurry of news and reports. I know everyone deals with these situations differently, and although there won’t be a video today- hope this little bit of internet love can compensate in some small way.


Isn’t it funny how a bank holiday makes weeks feel a hundred times longer and shorter all at once? This week feels like a total mix of both and has consisted of celebrating one of my friends, Genevieve’s birthday- catching up with meetings after a bit of a difficult week last week and then getting far too excited about Alexa Chung launching some clothes (where excitement seems self explanatory). Anyway, despite that I still managed to find some gems on the ‘net (I mean, if you can’t find something good online are you even trying??) so here’s to a chilled weekend with good links to click and videos to watch!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R: Alexa, Lizzy, Lucy and Emma)

The Must-Reads:
One piece I particularly loved most this week (after seeing Pandora Sykes mention it) was Alexa Chung’s interview with the Financial Times about her new collection. She goes into the depths and struggles of starting fashion business from scratch, her career title and getting a job (in the generation of being a ‘slashie’) and why the cost of her collection is such a talking point. After seeing so many comments about the price of her pieces, it was really interesting reading about why that was necessary for her collection- and how because of this she’s managed to create a clean supply chain, work in good factories and use good materials. Very interesting read for anyone as big a Chung fan as yours truly.

The Podcast:

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Emma’s (lol, understatement of the year)- but this week I managed to catch up on some of her delectable listening, and started with her chat to Sali Hughes. As a mid week pick-me-up this was the perfect tonic- and was one of the most inspiring chats I’ve heard in ages and truly reminded me why I do what I do. Good job, ladies! ALSO. Important listen. I checked out Rick Edwards’ ‘Very General Election’ podcast– which was a very important, clean and informative podcast about next weeks election. If you’re feeling at all clueless/lost with politics at the moment I highly suggest a listen. Also, DO VOTE TOO.

The Video:

One of my favourite people on YouTube/IRL/in general is Lizzy Hadfield, and despite being a little behind on YouTube videos lately I absolutely loved watching her Style Evolution video. She is so warm and interesting on camera (as well as delivering those LOLs) and it as such a wonderful watch- so much so I’m hoping to pop one together myself, so let me know if you’d like to see that!

The Website Love:
It’s not new, I’ve definitely mentioned it before but my pal Katherine’s interview with Lucy on her beautiful site workworkwork was so.damn.good. I know how hard Lucy works (and how amazing she is at her job) so it was so wonderful getting a proper insight- and her honesty on battling insecurities and comparison was wholly refreshing too. I also loved reading Megan’s touching post about Manchester- she certainly put the tragedy into words better than I ever could too.

Objects of desire:


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