Travel · June 21, 2017

A Night At The Henrietta

Perhaps it was the pink bathrooms, with scalloped mirrors and Hollywood lighting (I mean, come on of course it was) or maybe the delicious French inspired menu and dreamy location (a stones throw away from the main piazza of Covent Garden, FYI)- but as soon as I caught a glimpse of The Henrietta Hotel, it quickly became somewhere very high on my ‘to visit’ list. But, come on- can you really blame me?

Being constantly on the hunt for pretty new pockets of London, it’s always refreshing to discover somewhere close to home (or at least my local station anyway)- and The Henrietta came up trumps on location for sure. In many ways the design reminded me of that of the gorgeous Le Roch in Paris. Oozing a contemporary boutique feel of some of my favourite Parisian hidden gems- colour, shape and design all play a huge part in the beautiful aesthetic. Be it down to the mezzanine in the restaurant, or marble detailing in the bathroom. It’s equally as lovely for a mid-afternoon tea break or cosy evening curled up in one of the most beautiful parts of London…

…and yup, the food is delicious too. Although I’ve only tried their breakfast menu, I can certainly vouch for their avocado and eggs being some of the most delicious- and there’s no doubt I’ll be swinging back soon to try out their delicious dinner menu too. It truly is a little hidden gem.

Whilst we were there, Joe said that it would be the perfect hotel for anyone exploring London for the first time, and I can’t help but agree. As much as it made for the perfect evening staycation (looking through London with fresh tourist eyes is one of my favourite things), I know it would make the city feel like the perfect home away from home for somebody new too, and it’ll definitely be one to add to any little black books…

14 – 15 Henrietta Street, WC2E 8QH, London


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