Travel · May 3, 2017

Brunch at Gatsby’s

…or a little off of Regent Street if you can’t quite make the journey to West Egg…

A stone’s throw away from bustling Haymarket, lies the shiny new complex that is St James’ Market- with the slick and shiny Nordic Aquavit nestled inside. In a sense it does feel like paying a visit to Gatsby’s. It’s unassuming and quiet from the outside, but inside it glistens- with a lavish cocktail bar, buttery leather seats and a bar cart lined appropriately with flaky pastries and glossy cinnamon buns come breakfast time- along with important looking people discussing all things business over black coffee and the days papers too. There may not be a sparkling cocktail in sight, but at 9am- this spot still feels glamorous.

With the menu boasting a mix of traditional Nordic breakfast dishes (including rye bread, boiled eggs and Raggmunk) as well as day starting staples including poached eggs and avocado, porridge, granola and those squishy cinnamon buns too- there’s a deliciously varied menu with plenty of juices and teas to boot. Although it’s certainly not somewhere you’d hop to everyday, it’s definitely somewhere I now have noted for special occasions, and definitely feels like a hidden gem away from the bustle of the city. Put it this way, it’s not exactly hygge but it would impress Daisy Buchanan, that’s for sure.

St James’s Market 1 Carlton Street, London SW1Y 4QQ


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