Style · April 17, 2017

Sezane in Soho

(Top: Sezane, Jeans: ASOS, Shoes: Castaner, Glasses: & Other Stories, Bag: C/O Sezane)

As with a lot of things online, blogging is exceptionally good at highlighting certain trends. Although I’d say I’m as trendy as a pair of socks and crocs, I do turn to bloggers for style inspiration- be it through Instagram, Pinterest or even dominating street style pages in weekly mags (which I still love flicking through in the morning with breakfast)- and often find myself discovering new brands or styles through a quick scroll on my homepage. For example, some of my favourite ever brands have been down to an Instagram follow, the online word of mouth, or a quick tweet on my timeline. There’s the Realisation Par dresses of dreams, the infamous Gucci everything, the Reformation wrap around, and of course everyone’s current love, the Birkin basket- which I am all about.

However, at the moment- Sezane is the big name on everyone’s lips. Having been a long time admirer of the brand (thanks to girls like Alex and Alice) it was only last month that I made an order (including this bag and later this tee), and I think we have a new favourite on our hands. Perhaps I’ve been soaking up too much Adenorah or Jeanne Damas (or maybe not as I definitely can’t pull off that level of effortless cool), but I’ve been a huge advocate of espadrilles with everything and a slogan tee to compliment any worn in pair of blue jeans- and in all honesty, I love it. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting or original, but to me it’s pretty timeless- and when trends move so quickly, surely a bit of a signature is just what the doctor ordered.


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