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Sunday Duvet Reading #1

When I started blogging several years ago, there was one blog I absolutely loved to read called Aha Shake Haertbreaker. Her name was Vicky, and although I’m not sure what she’s up to now (I miss her blog on the regs)- I absolutely loved checking in every Sunday for her morning upload called ‘Sunday Morning Sophisticate’. It was before the days of 9am YouTube uploads with toast and tea, and I loved nothing more than being snuggled up in my duvet reading about her musings on a certain topic, or what she’d been up to that week.

So, after a little think (and wanting to add some Sunday content next to my normal Sunday videos)- I was thinking about doing something similar each Sunday over here. Maybe it’ll be a diary entry of weekly thoughts, perhaps a post about something more ~topical~ or even a selection of links I’m loving or have discovered over the week (because my discovery posts in themselves seem to be a little too few and far between, and sharing is caring)- but something you can flick through under the sheets, on the train or even with bacon sarnie in your dressing gown- let me know! And if you do like the idea, think of this as the first- and of course let me know what you’d like to see too, that’s what counts!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Glamour, workworkwork, Fashion Me Now, Vogue)

The podcast: Aside from Emma’s (and Serial, always), I’m always a little late to the podcast party. The only upside to this of course means that when I do finally come around, I have about fifty episodes to indulge in- hooray! My latest love is the podcast of two of my favourite writers, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton with the PandDolly Podcast. Not only are they articulate, hilarious, sparkly and smart- but they also address everything from current affairs to IRL LOL anecdotes which gleefully sees me through many a train journey.

The must-reads: Oh my god, SO MUCH WEBSITE LOVE THIS MONTH. Where to begin. Firstly, I’m completely hooked on the wonderful Katherine Ormerod’s new site workworkwork. Talking to women across various professions and uncovering the realities and challenges women face- she has nailed it and I’m obsessed with her personal interviews and beautiful photos. Speaking of interviews, I also absolutely adored Vogue’s insightful piece by Victoria Beckham, which was both eye opening, hugely inspirational and heartwarming- the ultimate ‘GO GET ‘EM’ piece if you ever needed it. I also loved reading my friend Corinne Redfern’s piece for Marie Clare about So Ava, in Benin and the struggles of living without contraception- hugely eye opening and an important long read.

The Blogger: Although I’ve read a lot of great new years posts this month, it was my pal Lucy’s post that really struck a chord with me. titled ‘Lessons in Imperfection’ her post talks about being hard on yourself, what you don’t see behind the camera, comparison, being okay with who you are, and the joy of missing out. I’ve never read a blog post where I’ve nodded continuously so many times (and then continued to encourage everyone in close proximity to ‘GO READ THIS NOW’)- but if you want to feel uplifted and then shout ‘I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS LIKE THIS!!’ I definitely recommend giving this a click.

The Instagrammer: In a time where I’m supposed to be saving my pennies until they reach a respectable enough amount to warrant some kind of deposit, Instagram enabling really shouldn’t be on my agenda. But cue, Rachel from Bubbly Aquarius. The kind of girl who shares things you didn’t realise you needed until you saw it- Rachel is a grade-A enabler, style maven and all round cool girl.

The YouTube video: I’m less familiar with what’s hip and happening on YouTube if I’m totally honest. I know what I like and what I don’t, and rarely venture into anything new. But- two girls who I obsess over (almost) daily are Lucy Moon and Arden Rose. So, naturally when I saw they’d done a collab together, I did an excited YAS and instantly aimed to be part of the #under300club (if that’s what it’s even called, kids?) It’s so refreshing watching two open, honest and interesting women just sit down and talk about relative, important things and I have a lot of time for both of their channels.

Objects of desire:

What have you been loving online this week? Answers on a postcard!


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