Travel · January 18, 2017

Miami Comes To London

For me, most Sundays are reserved for lazy mornings in bed, dog walking and the occasional unplanned baking session (partnered with the kind of Spotify playlist that should really just be reserved for dad dancing at weddings). However- when somewhere really special crops up in London, promising delicious brunches as well as the perfect excuse to while away a couple of hours nattering with a friend- then I’m occasionally open to throw caution to the wind, get up early and make a special trip across town- especially if the end location is as cool as Cafe Miami…

Tucked away in Clapton in the gorgeous Strand Building- Cafe Miami is the newest kid on the block; bringing everything from brunch, lunch and delicious coffee to some pretty pastel tables perfect for tackling work, creating a foodie flat-lays (half kidding) or Sunday morning catch ups. With an interior inspired by an art-deco America, you’re more likely to feel like you’re cozied up in a film set than a 5 minutes walk from Hackney Central…

Serving a mix of brunch classics (yup you can count on them to tick the granola, pancakes and avocado boxes)- Cafe Miami also introduces new favourites such as sweetcorn waffles, tacos and grilled grapefruit- with welcome bakery favourites including toasted banana bread with nutella, crumpets and homemade jam and pop tarts. On top of that, there’s also traditional breakfast takes including fancy bacon sandwiches, toasted bagels and even some Tunnock’s teacakes at the counter.

With Sarah and I nabbing a window seat and subsequently talking until all we were left with were crumby plates and empty mugs, it’s certainly become one of my new favourite Sunday morning spots, and make have even overtaken my bed as a favourite place to spend it… You heard it here first!

24 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0PD


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