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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!

Europe Style Travel

Beautiful Burano

(Blouse: C/O Next, Skirt: C/O Next, Bag: C/O Next, Shoes: C/O Next)

During our time in Venice (which I’ll be nattering on about a lot next week), Joe and I made it a priority to visit the somewhat magical island of Burano- a small island a stones throw (or less romantically, an hour an a half boat ride) away from the central island of Venice. Known for it’s rainbow parades of colourful houses (where people really live) and it’s ornate and traditional lace shops- it (along with most of Venice) feels like worlds away from the red brick and high rises of everything I’m familiar with- which felt pretty special indeed.

Arriving a little after lunch time after a sneaky lie in- we pulled up to the island with a couple of hours to tick off as many intricate alleyways, mouthfuls of cannoli and Pantone colour hues as possible. With the whole island consisting of only roads and weaving canals- we set off with no direction to discover the beauty of this special Italian island.

Naturally (as per normal) for my journey I thought it best to pull out one of my favourite new season outfits; the pleated skirt (the more colourful the better) dotted with some go-to accessories (with a pair of flats handy for all the foot work too). Now, although I definitely had a certain aesthetic in mind- it was from high-street-hero Next that these little gems came from (and with next day delivery with orders made before midnight, they came just in time for my trip too- huzzah)! It felt completely appropriate for a day in the Autumnal sunshine and with any excuse to match somewhere this beautiful- who can blame me for pulling out my glad rags during a day of adventures?

Post in collaboration with Next, but love of glittery skirts, colourful houses and next day delivery all my own


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