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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Throwback Thursday

(Top: The Deep End Club, Skirt: ASOS, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Converse, Bag: Lulu Guinness)

When it comes to sartorial taste, it seems a little to me like I seem to be getting younger with my dress sense when a lot of people around me seem to be growing up- can anyone help? With dungarees, smock dresses and well, basically anything I would have enjoyed wearing charging through the mud aged 5 being prime choices- things seem to be going the other way with my style- and my brief stint of blazers, tailoring that wasn’t in a printed or pastel shade and shoes with no risk of blistering are a set thing of the past. Perhaps I’m just having my teen-rebellion stage a bit late? (Y’know, just sans alcohol, parties and tears).

On the topic of teen dressing, from the ages of about 12-17 my main footwear of choice was primarily Converse All Stars (albeit with scribblings of O.P 4 whichever band member I was currently infatuated with and stars messily covering any clean white space possible). Paired with a denim skirt, band-tee and a playlist of something usually inaudible (which now makes me sound like a proper Nana Liv) and a DIY-necklace to top it all off- I almost felt like I’d come full circle with this pairing on my trip to Birmingham last week. Although in my head I had a full on Leandra-Alexa look going on, in reality I was probably more Lavigne than Medine- I’m now just waiting for the sweatband and t-shirt and tie revival- who’s with me?


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