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Knits for Summer

(Jumper: Free People, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: C/O Dune, Shoes: Free People)

I’m going to be honest here- it was hard to start this post without another fashion related jaunt about the weather. I was going to talk about how my wardrobe is currently more ‘Autumn’ than ‘August’- and how balloon sleeved knits (layered with vests, no less) does not a good summer make. But hey- this is the UK! The Met Office unpredictability is all part of the seasonal fun (she says, whilst pouring out half of her wardrobe, yelping ‘is it even denim jacket weather?!’) and it certainly means we’re all well versed when if comes to September, right?

Anyway, less about what you can already observe from my favourite website. I picked up this cosy knit on the Free People site and in short, have not wanted to take it off since. Whilst I’ve reserved it for day time use (as cute and comfy as it would look with pyjamas)- it’s fast become a staple in my funny old summer wardrobe. It’s also taught me a little about my style, too. It’s made me realise that the things I turn to the most, are undoubtably basics- simple pieces with interesting cuts, staples with clever proportions and less fussy items that I know I’ll wear again and again- which I suppose is why this knit is such a hit #unexpectedpoetry. I also paired it with my favourite high waisted jeans and two of my favourite Chloe inspired pastel accessories (how wonderful is this Dune bag?), which certainly compensated for any neglected summery feels- and hey, aren’t pastels meant to be trendy this winter too? ; )

and here’s what I wore…

P.S Huge location kudos to the wonderful Cat, since reading her post I’ve spotted this gorgeous wall all over Instagram and could’t resist!


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