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A post on feeling confident…

Photo by: Alexandra Cameron

I recently met up with the gorgeous, and uber talented Alex Cameron. Known for her empowering and absolutely stunning confidence photo shoots she invited me to her to hang out and take some snaps. Although I wasn’t quite brave enough to opt for one of her typical confidence shoots- it was absolutely incredible hearing about the inspiring stories and feedback she’s had. With women gaining nothing but confidence, and arguably a new life changing perspective on themselves from her absolutely flawless photographs- it’s incredible how a new view point and sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone can make someone into, (without being too corny) essentially, a new person- which is pretty bloody special (if you want a shoot with her, with an extra special 10% off, pop her an email and quote me for the discount too)!

As a blogger, it’s likely that people assume you’d be extremely confident. I mean, which girl who parades in front of the camera several times a week (albeit stopping in front of strangers and spending 99% of the time goofing about), wears a coat brighter than a certain Ross from Friends smile and parades around in hats bigger than a UFO to hop on a commuter train, couldn’t be? But that’s the thing, although what I wear can suggest a brave and perhaps ‘outgoing’ character, there’s still a big part of me, that for lack of a better phrase, is a big old nervous (unconfident) Purvis. I won’t wallow on about that, but for perspective- I have friends of mine, who I regard as not only some of the most talented ladies I know (and the most beautiful) who are pretty much there too. What are we like? So, in the most Carrie Bradshaw of ways, it got me thinking- how can we become more confident? What do the girls who I love do to make them feel better?

So, care of some of my favourite ladies, here are some of my favourite tips for feeling a little more ‘you’ and a bit braver! This post isn’t sponsored- just inspired by my day with Alex and a DMC (deep meaningful chat) with some girlfriends…

“What makes me feel confident…well, it’s taken a long time, there were so many aspects of myself I couldn’t accept for a long time and am only now just beginning to appreciate the person I am. I think the thing that makes me feel confident is honesty…when I am true to myself, appreciate who I am and accept the good and the bad then I feel the most confident. I can celebrate who I am. There is nothing more beautiful that seeing someone embrace who they are.”
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“I think you need to accept that gaining confidence takes time. I think that anything I worry about, no one will even notice- so if I have a spot or my hair is doing something weird, nine times out of ten people dont notice as they have their own thing anyway. Then each year you’ll realise, ‘this doesn’t actually bother me any more’. ”

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“If you’re feeling like you can’t do something, remember all the really amazing things your have done whether it’s getting a job, degree, looking fabulous on a night out & I guarantee you’ll feel a little bit better about yourself.”

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“Nothing gives me confidence like reading. Knowing new words, having something interesting to say, not feeling alone in the world- that all manifests from deep inside a good book. I could be Sylvia Plath tomorrow or Caitlin Moran yesterday, but I’m a confident ass Charly Cox today”
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“Whenever I’m being filmed or having to do a talk or be public in someway, I always think about who I’d like to see and I create a manifestation of confident me in my head, then I come out of myself and ‘play’ that person. I know that you should always be yourself but I’ve always found that the easiest way. I still poop myself a bit when I actually do these things but I just say ‘yes’ and then deal with it when I get to it. People often say ‘you’re so confident, I couldn’t do that’ when actually they don’t know that it’s still really scary for me. I’m just pretending to be the confident version of me.”

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“Doing my makeup nicely and wearing a nice outfit makes me feel more confident. As well as performing on stage and listening to a great song! Also, doing well in something I’ve tried hard in.”
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“I always think having a big smile on your face makes you feel more confident – especially when meeting new people. It instantly makes people warm to you and it’s actually scientifically proven that smiling reduces your stress levels, so it’s pretty hard to feel unhappy when you’ve got a happy face.

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What do you do to make you feel more confident? Sharing is caring- and I’d love to have a little hub of tips in the comments!


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