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A little post about staying (and getting) motivated…

Shopping is my cardio

If you’re a bit of a loyal reader, a few months ago, you may remember a couple of posts I did in collaboration with Special K– and their ‘Change for the Better’ project. They challenged me to do something to improve myself- and fitness novice Liv opted for the joining-the-gym challenge- something somewhat David-and-Goliath-esque for a girl that gets puffed out running for the 9:24 to London Bridge. Anyway- let’s just say the whole experience has been a bit of a learning curve, and staying driven is possibly one of the hardest challenges of them all- let alone getting into some teeny gym shorts. I haven’t gone as much as I’d hoped to (one of the perils of being freelance is such a sporadic schedule) and finding routine is something I haven’t yet mastered- but that’s not to say that the challenge hasn’t massively inspired me, and I know that this certainly isn’t the end of my Liv-meets-gym-affair- thanks Special K!

On top of that- I thought, as a nice way to round up this challenge- I’d put together a series of ways to stay motivated- in case you were thinking of doing the same- good luck ladies ‘n’ gents!

1. Try and find routine. If you can get into a good schedule of hitting the gym, it becomes about 100x easier. I started going at the same time every day (read: when I could blag a lift with Papa P) and it came as less of a shock to the system!
2. Do it early. This is the best way of still being able to make the most of your day- plus, it leaves you on that fitness high sporty people always talk about ; ).
3. Find someone to go with and commit to your plans- it makes it far harder to cancel when there’s someone else involved.
4. Listen to other peoples stories. A few people I know, plus my Papa P, used to be gym novices too- but watching at how much their fitness has increased/how dedicated they’ve become shows it’s pretty possible for anyone to get involved! I also started following some fitness Instagrams which can be helpful- just not after a big Two for Tuesdays helping.
5. Realise anything is possible and realise improvement when it happens- and give yourself a pat on the back too, and just remember you can do it!


P.S This project and this post has been bought to you in collaboration with Special K, and Kellogg have sponsored me in achieving my goal- however I am not a spokesperson for the brand. If you fancy making a change yourself, always seek help from professionals before getting started- no hurts here please! As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own- and am honest as ever!

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