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I’ve been wondering…

Okay, I’m going all Carrie Bradshaw on yo’ asses today. I’ve still got an outfit lined up (teamed with some A* ramblings) but the night before beginning one of few internships so far this year I thought I’d ask a question that I’ve been pondering… is it possible to gain a position in fashion, particularly writing, without a university degree?

Alright, so it probably is, but is it as straight forward to gain a position simply based on experience, and your own bare back?

Before I went to university I was incredibly undecided about what I was sure I wanted to study after further education. Up until late last Spring, I was even torn about what I wanted to do. I visited endless art colleges in London, certain a foundation year was for me, then argued perhaps it was photography I wanted to do, and after finally deciding my heart lies in fashion writing and styling I was in a bit of a pickle. After browsing endless courses, many a sob after being declined from my top two choices, I decided to opt for a course in English & Communication studies at The University of Liverpool (which, please don’t get me wrong, is a fantastic university- and even better city with some of the lovliest people I’ve ever met living there). Sadly after a few months of studying the course, which sadly wasn’t what I had expected- nor felt I was dedicated to, I left. Following leaving and several ‘oh so you’ve dropped out? are you dossing about now then?’ comments, I managed to find my feet again. Since leaving, I’ve interned at Company, LOOK, blogged for Cosmopolitan at fashion week, written for Miss Selfridge, and have three more internships in the pipeline- but still, I worry if interning and building my blog alone will ever land me my dream job without a degree happily living on my CV? Publications like VOGUE won;t even take on interns without one, so without the top contacts can you get the top job?

I can’t lie, I’m scared of going back to university. With fees now soaring, the idea of moving away out of the question for me, and already having made the ‘wrong’ decision once- it’s a scary thought thinking I could make it again. Additionally, to be honest, I really do enjoy interning- the thought of gaining instant skills, contacts and attempting to impress with my tea making skills in order to build a portfolio of knowledge and experience is pretty exciting- but I do wonder if there will always be a little stand out blank spot, where a potential BA should be…

What do you think? Is there a real place for non-graduates in the big world of fashion, or am I asking an obvious question? Answers on a postcard (or below in the comments section, you know…)


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