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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


And then she fled in the path of a lightning bolt

(Dress: C/O Olive Clothing, Bag: Mulberry, Shoes: C/O Swedish Hasbeens)

After being so ‘on the ball’ the last week or so, my blogging this weeks seems to have taken a slight back seat. With finishing another work experience placement (which, for those asking was amazing thanks) to last minute stresses about mine and Joe’s trip to Paris tomorrow, everything became a little much and I didn’t have enough hours in the day to force my awkward poses unto your dashboards.

However! I’m back, for now. I train off to France tomorrow, so blogging, tweeting and replying to emails will be a little sparse, but I will try to assure you there will be a huge compensation upon my return! Maybe even a give away… we shall see! Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday. I was lucky enough to come home on Friday evening to discover a beautiful box from my favourite Olive clothing, with this dress being one of the surprises inside, and I can easily say it’s quickly become one of my faves. With it’s boxy, yet girlie shape and subtle, neutral colour and print it’s possibly one of the easiest things I have to style and wear; and looks amazing with cute plimsolls too (plus is foolproof for British weather- score!)

Additionally, you may or may not have seen on my Instagram that after much umming and ahhing I have upgraded my camera! Still keeping my dear Nikon D40 close by, I decided to invest in a Canon 550d- and hopefully it will provide some gorgeous images for this blog, and even some videos- hurrah!

Last but not least (this post has been quite a mouthful hasn’t it?) I’m also starting to take ads for August, so email or tweet me if you’d be interested! ( & @livpurvis). I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunshine and have a lovely Sunday!


P.S I’d like to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to those of you who nominated me for a Cosmo Blog Award, I have amazingly made it through to voting and been short listed!! I honestly can’t believe it (it was surreal enough the first time round), and am so lucky to have such dedicated and lovely readers, it really means the world to me. If you’d like to vote for my blog you can click HERE too!

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