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From starting university, to making the decision to leave (and winning my first blog award) - the year of 2011 was a big one for me- and I finally moved back to London to intern and dedicate a little more time to the blog...


weekends are never fun unless you’re around here too


(Tunic: Topshop, Shorts: Vintage Topshop, Blazer: Vintage, Shoes: Brothers (eek!) Bag: Gift- excuse the awkward face, the sun was in super squint mode)

I’ve had such a busy week this week, and since the suns been out it’s been all the nicer! On Monday I went to my mum’s company launch in The Soho Hotel, which was absolutely lovely (I took a lot of pictures, so I shall post them in the next few days)! On Tuesday my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go to see Jools Holland, (if any of you saw it, my boyfriends head is in view, unfortunately my little legged self is not). Yesterday, my best friend and I went to see The Vaccines in Camden, and ate Nandos next to the Lock before in the evening sun which was bliss. The Vaccines were also amazing, I believe I used the phrase, ‘The Vaccines are like a good wine, they just get better with time’ (F.Y.I I was not taking myself seriously when I said this).

Have you guys all had a nice week in the sunshine?


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