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From starting university, to making the decision to leave (and winning my first blog award) - the year of 2011 was a big one for me- and I finally moved back to London to intern and dedicate a little more time to the blog...


it’s all over now baby blue

(grey tee: American Apparel, skirt: Charity Shop; Jaeger, shoes: Office, belt: American Apparel, necklace: Primark, rings: Topshop & Italy)
Today I had a wonder around my local charity shops- I hadn’t been for ages, and really needed abit of retail therapy haha! After trawling through several shops I came across this beautiful pleated maxi skirt! It’s Jaeger aswell which meant I simple couldn’t resist for £2.50! Although it’s a little big, I’m hoping to get it taken in becasue it’s such a lovely length and is perfect for the upcoming months!

(close up of my gorgeous bargain cameo!)

I need to get doing some more outfit posts, so hopefully this will be the first of many, I have such bother finding a suitable spot for my pictures- so I’ll try extra hard!


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