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Best Coast- When I’m With You

After the recent release of their gorgeously fun and airy debut album ‘ Crazy for you’ I’ve taken a huge shining to this band, and without sounding painfully cheesey I’m ‘crazy for it’ (didn’t see that one coming). ‘When I’m with you’, is just one of the songs on the album that will make you wish you were as bloody cool as front girl Bethany, whilst creating an aura of a breezy 70’s to 90’s Californian grunge scene making it a perfect summer to autumn anthem- (for a matter of fact anything off of their debut is worth listening to).

Yuck- Automatic/Georgia

Compared to vocals of Bon Iver, Daniel’s soothing tones teamed with minimal instrumentals are the complete autumn chill out song. Contrasting to other songs of their’s such as ‘Georgia’ which are more guitair heavy, this is certainly relaxing and a real success in the making.

Avi Buffalo- Summer Cum

The testostorone fuelled lyrics of Summer Cum, wouldn’t be deemed unfamiliar in that of a teen boy on his way back from a long Summer camp on the west coast of the U.S, having shared his ‘first time’ with the ‘girl of his dreams’. The cheeky self concious lyrics weaved through the tingly guitar, slightly reminicent of that of Magic Kids, paint a perfectly dirty picture of adolescent romance.

Surfer Blood- Take It Easy

Described on their live performance by a viewer, the ‘the kid’s that weren’t cool at school, but are now’- ‘Take it Easy’ is a gloriously catchy sing along from their debut Astro Coast. Contrary to what you’d prehaps suspect from this band, Take is Easy is filled with romantic (but not cheesey) lyrics, and beats you wouldn’t be embarrassed to ‘pop’ at a beach party.

listen to THIS version (shows how additionally good live they are)

Everything Everything- Photoshop Handsome

The surreal, scrabble like lyrics and the off the scale pitched notes all make this song noteable, as well as the hyperative yet organised synth and the fact that they are most definitely the next big thing. “MORE DOLLAR! LESS SHCOLAR! LESS TIME!”

Pulled Apart By Horses- High Five. Swan Dive. Nose Dive.

I’m starting to almost find it irritating, how often I’m listening to the first thrity seconds of this song and then consequently how quickly it stays glued in my head. Nonetheless, the whole song is good- (definitely the first 30 seconds though) and it successfully manages to achieve the exhibition of about 3 different styles of song all rolled into one.

The Like- He’s Not A Boy

From watching the 60’s clad video for the first time, I couldn’t look back. After listening to this, you will realise your wardrobe is by no means complete without a black and white peter pan style item, liquid eyeliner and an instant beehive hairdo. However, with clear inspiration from all girl 60’s girl groups, The Like have conjured the perfect guitar to femi-vocal ratio, and it’s working.

I Blame Coco- Spirit Golden

Coco’s husky vocals teamed with the dance beats, make for a really interesting new sound. Having experimented with acoustics and dance, I Blame Coco seems to have found a comftable balance. The repetative chorus, leaves the song with you for hours and after just one listen it’s clear this is one of her best yet.


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