Style · March 3, 2018

New Tones & Catch Ups

Normally i’d spend these kind of posts dedicating a lot of time to discussing the outfit. Why this Ganni-style jumper is such a bloody cracker and how much I’m sure I’m going to wear these jeans in spring, and as much as I love them both (and oh goodness I do), I thought I’d make this a little more of a diary entry style post as I feel I’ve got a bit of catching up to do around these parts…

Having started this blog as a diary style platform nearly 9 years ago, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the funk of just talking about the clothes on show and veer away from the story behind the pictures. I sometimes do the same with Instagram, and feel the space between being brutally honest or a detached from realness an ever widening gap, meaning it’s sometimes hard to strike a middle ground without being seen as boring- especially being someone who’s Instagram account certainly falls into a very candid latter (which is very much unplanned). Anyway, after sitting down to read my pal Brittany’s post the other day, it truly made me realise how documenting things in this very way can help combat a self-employed style of loneliness for me- especially when I don’t have any colleague’s ears to talk off each morning, something I’m determined to bring back here.

Anyway, these shots were taken last weekend in one of my favourite parts of London, Greenwich. Having gone with Joe to view our wedding venue again on a deceivingly spring-like day (the sun may have been out but it was positively Baltic), we stopped in town for some late brunch at Bill’s, and to pop into one of our new favourite shops- which I’ll be documenting here soon. In the last few months weekends have become something rather precious to me, and with each Saturday and Sunday passing I realise how integral it is to give yourself those two days to unwind, recharge and switch off. The last couple of weeks have been particularly challenging for me away from the ol’ nets- and finding the motivation to talk about myself online, record and photograph has been pretty hard to muster, so putting in small weekend outings feels like a nice way of stepping back from online life, especially being someone who struggles to discuss life’s little bumps in the road (which is something I’m working on, I promise- a problem shared, is a problem halved- right?)

So yes- there’s a little weekend update from yours truly. This weekend I’m hoping to pop in some wedding dress appointments (because thus far Joe and I have been verrrry relaxed about the whole thing) and maybe even get a flower market visit in if the weather remains ok! In other news, it’s definitely still not warm enough for this get up sans coat- but I’m hoping the worst of the winter weather is out of the way, the ~beast from the east~ now far away and spring just around the corner- cross your fingers with me please?

(Jumper: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Shoes: C/O Vans)



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