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Giftmas Gift Guides 2023: Day 2, The New Additions

 (Jo Malone hand wash, Liberty candle, Papier diary, Vieve gift set, Bourii body oil, Tim Walker book, Bramley gift set)

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For day 2 of Giftmas, today we’re shopping for the new people in your life…

When I was asking on Instagram about the kind of people you’d like to see a gift guide for one of the suggestions that came up was shopping for people who were new in your life; or people that you didn’t really know all *that* well yet. New additions if you like! Whether that’s new in-laws, step-siblings, your brothers lovely fiancé or just somebody you want to buy for but just don’t really know where to begin- hopefully I can help! And I get it- it’s a tricky one! It might not feel like the time to show off your expert gift giving prowess, but trust me- it also maybe isn’t the time to be buying a snazzy pair of socks either (and hand on heart I love a nice pair as much as the next person). It’s a fine line to tread- you want to make a good impression, not overdo it and probably not spend a fortune either- but it is possible!

So let’s start at the top- I’ll be honest and say I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t get excited by a Jo Malone bag. Or Jo Malone anything. There’s something about the cream and black piped packaging that has something magic woven through it; and with their travel candles starting at £28 (and their precious gingerbread gifting at £32)- they always have a really lovely festive selection if you’re a bit lost on where to begin. And much in a similar vein; who doesn’t love opening a beautiful candle? I know these things are all quite ‘obvious’- but let me tell you, sometimes these things are obvious for a reason- they’re just great. This Liberty one is absolutely beautiful- and I’d quite happily open the box and stare at that all day too. Sticking with beauty, I also love Bourii for their luxury body oils (which would make a real treat), and adore Bramley for their body care sets (they’re pretty much always stocked in every beautiful hotel room I’ve stayed in, which I think is a sign they’re an excellent bet). In terms of make up, I think giving a beauty lover anything from Vieve would be a *very* good shout (and make you look like you know a thing or two about make up)- additionally, Space NK have some other beautiful sets for make-up lovers too. Now- if smellies don’t feel like a good option I do have a (few) other suggestions. Papier and their personalised stationery being one. Not only do they excel at beautiful diaries, recipe planners and journals- but also do beautiful calendars too which I think are really special. Finally, I’ve also added a beautiful coffee table book above, as I think there’s something beautifully thoughtful about a book you’d think they’d love- and with so many unique art and lifestyle books out there (I always love gallery gift shops for a big peruse of this kind of thing) you’re bound to find something that would tick some boxes.

And if you’re still feeling a bit lost on what to get them…

  • A foodie fix: One of my favourite restaurants in London, Lina Stores, have long been a favourite when it comes to gift giving. Whether that’s some of their beautiful olive oil that looks as beautiful on a counter as it tastes in a pasta dish, or one of their meal delivery kits (which could be lovely to arrive just after Christmas)- they never get it wrong. Additionally, there are lots of other amazing deli’s that offer similar produce, including another favourite Panzers and Lulu’s too for delicious wines and everything in-between. If you’re more after a meal to their door, Dishpatch offers cook-at-home dinner kits from some of the best chefs around and would make a lovely at home date night in the days after Christmas.
  • A hamper, of course: Would it be a Christmas gift guide without a nod to the hamper? A festive icon for a reason, and thankfully now there are so many out there you needn’t spend a fortune either. Naturally Fortnum’s is the home of the iconic wicker gift, but I also love Liberty for their offering. Plus, if you want to be creative (and work on a more flexible budget) you could also create your own too which would be a beautiful present.
  • All things scented: Honestly, one of my favourite shops to cover *most* gift giving bases is Earl of East. If ever I’m after a unique gift, or even something simple (i.e a candle) that I want to feel a little special, I come here. They have the most beautiful fragrance and lifestyle pieces and they’re a real one stop for beautiful presents.

and some extra picks too, for added inspiration…

Come back tomorrow for day 3 of Giftmas, and shopping for your little people and the children in your life!


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