Lifestyle Music · September 11, 2023

The Summer Playlist


There’s something very satisfying about pulling together all of the songs and music that have soundtracked your summer, or a time in your life. Be it a gloomy never-ending winter where kitchen discos seem to be the only fuel to get you through the dark evenings, or a playlist that wraps you up in memories so special you can pretty much be transported back with a quick listen.

Listening back to this summer’s playlist I was taken back to long car journeys singing at the top of my lungs with loved ones. So much sing-shouting it could have scared the traffic around us but thankfully didn’t. Songs I played for the first time laid on a pebbly beach on an overcast afternoon, a Maggie Rogers song I happened to walk past playing at Glastonbury to hear for the first time which bizarrely seemed to articulate the exact feelings I was having at the time. There’s the song that my brother sang at karaoke on my birthday which now seems to play every few days (White Lines), and ample songs myself and pals have spent boogying to in the kitchen (Janet Jackson, lookin’ at you)- because I think, although I can’t be sure, that’s where all the best dancing happens.

Although if I’d been more organised I would have shared this last week during the big summer heatwave send off, I thought I’d share it today- because hopefully it can bring a little sunshine to some early autumn days too when they come around…

1. Maggie Rogers – Say It, 2. Christine and the Queens- Full of life, 3. Yusuf/Cat Stevens – Take the World Apart, 4. Elton John – Are You Ready For Love? 5. Brian Eno, John Cale – Spinning Away, 6. Alice Phoebe Lou – Witches, 7. Jenny Lewis – Puppy and a Truck, 8. Paul McCartney – Calico Skies, 9. Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers, 10. The Wannadies – You And Me Song, 11. First Aid Kit- Everybody’s Got to Learn, 12. Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life, 13. Cat Power – Sea of Love, 14. The Vaccines – I Always Knew, 15. CMAT, John Grant – Where Are Your Kids Tonight?, 16. Camera Obscura – French Navy, 17. The Maccabees – Love You Better, 18. The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters, 19. Big Thief – Vampire Empire, 20. Ratboys – Go Outside, 21. Dua Lipa – Dance The Night, 22. Dolly Parton – Here You Come Again, 23. Nina Simone – My Sweet Lord/Today Is a Killer, 24. Janet Jackson – Together Again, 25. Ramones – California Sun, 26. The Lemon Twigs – When Winter Comes Around, 27. The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You, 28. Otis Reading- These Arms of Mine, 29. Willie J Healey – Woke Up Smiling, 30. Sufjan Stevens – So You Are Tired, 31. The Beatles – Here, There and Everywhere, 32. Alice Faye – Nowhere to Go, 33. David Bowie – Young Americans, 34. Olivia Dean – Dive, 35. Dirty Nice – This Is Gonna Hurt, 36. Grandmaster Flash – White Lines, 37. Kings of Leon – King of the Rodeo, 38. Arlo Parks, Phoebe Bridgers – Pegasus, 39. Johnny Flynn – Detectorists, 40. Fionn Regan – Dogwood Blossom, 41. Black Country, New Road – Chaos Space Marine, 42. Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond – Impossible Soul, 43. Fur – I Don’t Know Why (But I Love You)





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    September 22, 2023 at 9:08 pm

    Oh wow, such an amazing playlist!

    The Reluctant Blogger |

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    Campbell Addison
    October 18, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    This playlist is a vibrant tapestry of musical memories that perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer. Each track seems like a brushstroke on the canvas of life’s special moments. The selection is wonderfully diverse, offering something for every mood and occasion. From Maggie Rogers’ soulful tunes to the timeless classics like The Beatles, it’s a journey through time and emotions. This playlist is a ray of sunshine that can brighten any season, not just summer. It’s a musical treasure trove that uplifts the soul and evokes cherished memories. Thank you for sharing this musical journey!

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