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The Big Breakfast (Post)

(Photos by Beatrice Granados at The Electric Cafe in West Norwood and outside The Regency)

Thinking about it, I think my love language is breakfast. Not a specific breakfast in particular; I’ll take jammy eggs and soldiers, maple soaked pancakes or a brimming bowl of cereal in equal measure; but it might just be my favourite meal of the day.

And having breakfast in London feel very special. Whether you’re doing the cabbie caff circuit; with wipe clean gingham table cloths, the soundtrack of ‘TWO ‘ASH BRANS FOR TABLE 4’ floating through the air and the muffled chatter of workmen, life long customers and new arrivals filling the tables- or something a little fancier; with weighty silver wear that feels like a treat to use in itself, tea strainers and loose leaf and rainbows of fresh berries that taste like sunshine and summer.

The variety of where to eat something delicious is endless (with accounts like @caffs_not_cafes shining a big light on the historic London caff culture), and it doesn’t matter where you are or what you fancy because spending a fortune need not always apply; you can find yourself parked up with two slices of doorstop bread dripping in butter and a mug of ‘how do they *always* get it right’ builders tea and have seen the same table in your favourite film.

So, I thought I’d share a (slightly) and absolutely not-exhaustive list of some of my favourite spots to grab brekkie in the big smoke. Part of me never really knows why I do these posts as I know the surface is always just being scratched, but for the love of celebrating my favourite meal of the day (and trying to share more handy little guides to my hometown)- this seemed like a lovely place to start.




The Electric Cafe: Traditional caff doing the age old very well (also remarkably friendly which makes you feel very at home with excellent untouched interiors).

Brown & Green: A few of these gems around the south, but always consistently delicious (and great for kids too).

Daisy Grey: One of my favourite SE spots with the biggest breakfast menu which is always, always great.

The Orpington: A very cool spot for record browsing and eggs.

Chatsworth Bakehouse: Worth the pre-order and queue for their pastries (and sandwiches).

Juliet’s Quality Foods: Creative breakfasts that feel classic (don’t start me on the merch).

Good as Gold: Excellent coffee and a top tier breakfast menu.

Milk: Delicious menu with twists on the classics (and great, great banana bread).



Redchurch Townhouse / Cecconi’s Shoreditch: The best place for a fancy, reliable and delicious treat breakfast.

E Pellicci: The perfect example of an authentic family run café doing the full English very well.

Beigel Bake: Because is there a better way to start the day than a smoked salmon bagel?

Morito: Perfect pre-flower market Sunday fuel.

Forno: Italian deli style breakfast treats.


Norman’s: The ‘modern’ and v. delicious non-greasy spoon greasy spoon (that has sucked me in).

Greenberry Café: The perfect all day dining spot with very very special pancake(s).

Sam’s: Another delicious Primrose Hill spot doing the classics.

Dishoom Kings Cross: Dotted everywhere, the bacon and egg naans are heaven sent.

Pophams: The best pastries.


Granger & Co: The OG breakfast spot- I love any of their spots (truly not choosy) and always recommend having their coconut bread with whatever you order.

Patisserie Sainte Anne: Rumour has it these are some of the best pastries in town.

Burnt: Fresh brunch and pastries in a gorgeous setting.



Regency Café: The London spot for a traditional fry up full experience.

The Wolseley: One of my favourite fancy breakfasts in town; the egg and soliders!

45 Jermyn Street: This always feels like a bit of a hidden gem, but always so so delicious.

Lantana: For the more adventurous breakfast-ers! Beautiful flavours on classic dishes, hashes and bowls.

Dean St Townhouse: A total Soho fail-safe spot for lazy breakfasts in their cosy seating.

Toklas Bakery: The perfect central pastry hideout.

NoMad London: The most special conservatory setting to have breakfast in.

Chiltern Firehouse: Another spot for a very special delicious breakfast.

Claridges: There’s nothing more treat-worthy than a posh hotelbreakfast, and this might be my favourite in town.

Anya Café: For a small bur perfectly formed menu (where cakes are the true stars) this is a lovely spot.

The Buttery: Nestled near Victoria, this is the cosiest space (with a beautiful hidden garden) to start the day.

Nessa: A new Soho spot with ample people watching oppurtunities to enjoy with your morning coffee.

The Good Egg / Good Things Deli: Middle-Eastern inspired brunch with an endlessly great menu.


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