Europe Travel · September 8, 2022

Escape to Menorca

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Last week, as summer began to draw to a close and September crept onto the horizon- I packed up my summer pieces (and dusted off a few that hadn’t seen the sunshine yet this year) and headed to the beautiful island of Menorca. Sistering Mallorca and Ibiza, it was the pull of the hazy end of summer sunshine, the warm ocean and thought of sandy toes in hot sand all before summer takes its final bow this year.

And it’s been a long while since I’ve visited Menorca. Having last come to the island when I was about 8 and had a deep love of performing the Ketchup Song dance routine to anyone who would sit and listen; my experience this time round was a little more grown up- much thanks to Villa Le Blanc Gran Meliá, a hotel perched by the crystal clear Mediterranean seas of Santo Tomás Beach- and arguably one of the most special places I’ve ever been lucky enough to stay.




I mean, it doesn’t take longer than a quick scroll on their Instagram to tell you how beautiful this place is; but like most online vs. real life experiences- seeing it with your own eyes is another kind of special…

With it’s white-washed walls and architecture that feels sympathetic with the landscape; whether that’s the earthy tones and curved arches or natural materials; the theme of this hotel is detail, and there isn’t a single detail that has been forgotten (it’s genuinely impressive).  


With every bedroom boasting marshmallow like beds, private balconies (and often the addition of sun-loungers, a tub, pool or sun lounger (!)- it’s the kind of hotel that you could quite happily stay in bed all day in; if it wasn’t for the pull of the beach on your doorstep, one of two pools (with the rooftop one boasting some very brilliant tanning and book-reading spots and downstairs being the perfect spot for some pool side lunchtime pizza fresh from the stone oven)- plus, the offer of organised boat trips (a Mamma Mia dream) and it being a short drive from Mahon too. 





The hotel is also wonderfully child friendly too; with a children’s pool, kids club (children over 5 can go ‘alone’ as there is always an adult working there to supervise- but younger children need to have guardian/parental supervision) and endless food options (with the hotel being able to cater to specific requests if they have a particular favourite too).

There are also three beautiful restaurants at the hotel; CRU which focusses on raw food, NIVI (our absolute favourite which has the best of everything; salads, pizzas, grilled meats, paella and everything in between)- and local gem S’Amarador- one of the most delicious seafood restaurants with produce sourced locally (and every bit as fresh and delicious as you might imagine)- and means you never have to go far for an incredibly special meal (you could probably keep your slippers on)!




On top of everything- and if that isn’t enough- there’s also a big focus on sustainability throughout the hotel; aiming to achieve complete carbon neutrality (which you can read more about here)– making this hotel truly is the Ms. World of places to stay (is there anything she can’t do?).





So, if you’re looking to book an unforgettable stay that will be worth every penny and moment- bookmark this for your next summer holiday- I promise you won’t regret it (I’m already planning a return with Little A and I know he’ll love it just as much as me)…








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    September 10, 2022 at 8:50 am

    This really does look like a dreamy hotel for a relaxing holiday <3

    Claire, G is for Gingers

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    September 15, 2022 at 7:50 pm

    Gosh, this looks like the dreamiest hotel – what a treat! Bookmarking for a rainy (well, sunny!) day! x

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