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My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

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Admittedly year on year my summer wardrobe doesn’t hugely deviate from my ultimate Donna in Mamma Mia ambitions; white blousy linens with Mr Darcy-esque sleeves and a good solid pair of dungarees (and high waisted shorts for anything over 24 degrees)…

My summer clothes live in a nice just-about-does-up zip-lock bag for about half of the year in the loft, and when the grand ‘changeover’ comes the failsafe recipe resumes.

But this year, the recipe has changed a tiny bit. A few ingredients have been added and I’ve noticed a real pattern of the things I’ve been going to on rotation, and the pieces I’ve been pulling out for a variety of occasions. Part of me wonders whether it’s me trying to stretch that comfort zone a bit after losing my style a little through pregnancy and trying to regain it a bit; but I thought I’d share the things that have been seeing me through the sunnier days and have actually been out of my wardrobe more than they’ve been in it…



The Railroad Stripe

This year, I’ve fallen head over heels for a traditional Hickory/Railroad stripe. After exhausting my Christy Dawn dunga’s last year, I recently added the perfect pair of high waisted striped jeans from Seventy + Mochi to my wardrobe and they’re the perfect summer alternative to plain blue wash denim and go with absolutely everything. From blouses, t-shirts and my trust Will jacket (which is my go-to); these jeans have become a firm summer fixture, for tree climbing and everything in-between.

(styled with old Topshop blouse and Boden clogs)

The Basket bag

I’ve used this bag so much this year it’s poor handle has already come off (if I know anything it’s how to show a bag a good time), but year on year a basket bag has been my summer bag of choice. Whether that’s something smaller for an evening out, or more structured for days where I’m travelling about with the kitchen sink; there’s something really effortless and summery (and, Birkin-like) about the illusion of ‘just throwing it all into a basket’. Even cooler if there’s the tip of a baguette poking out and not a packet of Water Wipes but you can’t win ‘em all…

The Crochet Knit

If there’s one way of doing knitwear from June onwards, it’s with a cool crochet cardigan (well ventilated and resembles the cloth on the back of your nana’s sofa? Win win)! I’ve been loving vintage-inspired boxy shirt styles, be it one like this Free People style, or a bit of colour from Baum und Pferdgarten– and they look great thrown over a bikini or vest too.

(styled with YSE trousers, ACNE sunglasses and Saltwater sandals)

The White Dress

Bowed sleeves, a billowing skirt and the most dreamy apple-pie lattice bust (which I’m pleased to announce has to be a thing)- it must be the dream summer dress! There are few dresses Free People don’t get right, and when it comes to the perfect white or cream summer dress (which is about as essential as a white t-shirt IMO), this one ticks all of the boxes. It’s wearable enough to throw on with sandals during the day, but would look stunning with a red lip and strappy heel in the evening too.




The Suit

Okay, okay so a three piece suit probably shouldn’t be in anyone’s summer essentials unless you’re a permanent Peaky Blinders cast member or Mick Jagger BUT hear me out on this. Since picking this vintage number up at Portobello a few months ago- weirdly, I’ve worn it more times than some jeans in my wardrobe and it continues to be one of the most versatile things I own. Having the option to style up the trousers with a great blouse or t-shirt with high-tops, or pair the waistcoat and trousers solo- it’s been amazing for work events or days in London where I want to feel a bit more put together. The jacket and trousers work so well without the waistcoat too, so I pretty much have three hardworking pieces to pull out whenever I need them. Being a wool blend- this is definitely a rainy-cold summer day essential BUT an amazing linen or cotton suit would be so perfect, and I’ve seen some pretty epic ones floating around on Rouje and Etsy.

(styled with Carel shoes and Madam Popoff sunglasses)


The Vintage Dress

I think it goes without saying that my love for a vintage dress all year round is pretty necessary; but this floral special from Laura von Behr stands up for the perfect occasion dress. Be it wedding season, birthday dinners or even a nice evening out during a hen; there’s very little a great cut vintage frock won’t see you through for- and I know I’ll be wearing this way into autumn and beyond too.

The Statement Sunnies

When in doubt, just pull out a whopper of a pair of shades. On days where I can’t even think about what’s going on below my chin and it might be likely that I’ve just kept my pyjamas on- a pair of big, seventies sunnnies can really put in a good shift pulling things together (or making you look a little eccentric, but that’s never a bad thing either). One of my favourite pairs this year was from Madam Popoff Vintage for a tenner, so they really don’t need to cost an arm and a leg- but I’ve seen some amazing ones on ASOS– and they’re the easiest way of adding some life into outfits too.


The Slinky Co-Ord

Finally, a little bit like the hardworking three piece, the co-ord puts in a lot of the summer graft, and this silky floral set from Reformation is an absolute dream. I wore it out during a hen party recently and it felt like the perfect sassy but comfortable get up (especially for someone less than au fait with a midi skirt and crop top). I love it styled with a tied up cardigan and like to imagine when I’m wearing it that I’m on holiday in the French Countryside, slinking to my cheese-laden picnic with Marianne Faithfull very candidly playing out loud in the background…


(photos by the incredible Beatrice Granados)



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    July 4, 2022 at 9:26 am

    Omg such gorgeous photos. I love the lattice dress just wondering if it will fit a larger bust

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    February 16, 2024 at 9:09 am

    The attention to detail in each outfit is impeccable! From the intricate embroidery to the thoughtful accessories, it’s clear that every element has been carefully curated.

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