North America Travel · May 27, 2022

The (Mini) La Jolla Guide


It wouldn’t feel like a proper Liv-style holiday without attempting to scramble around and share my favourite places even if we didn’t fully scratch the surface of the never-ending list of sunshine delights San Diego (namely La Jolla) has to offer…

Despite a few obstacles, we still managed a handful of unforgettable sunsets, some delicious brunches and ‘who lives in a house like this!?’ neighbourhood perusals which meant although our stay wasn’t nearly long enough, was the perfect flavour of what a beautiful part of the west coast this really is.

Anyway- waffling aside, I thought I’d share a handful of my favourite spots (and a few we didn’t quite get around to visiting, but come recommended by my resident family who truly are the experts, which matters way more anyway)…

For breath taking sundowners…

Windansea beach: We were incredibly lucky to be staying pretty much on the actual sand of Windansea beach, and whilst I’m sure I’d be more successful trying to surf from my bed at home (the waves here are very much for the seasoned surfer)- the beach itself and the views it boasts are well worth the visit alone. I’ve never seen more of a watercolour worthy view, and I’ve truly got the photos to prove it.

Children’s Pool beach / La Jolla Cove: If you want to gawp at seals cosying up on the shoreline, both spots are must visits. My inner Attenborough was having a total field day, and there’s nothing like seeing these creatures in their natural habitat.

Starting the day right…

Sugar & Scribe: Ridiculously tasty brunch offering, with an exceptional sweet selection. The waffles and lemon pancakes and out of this world (and naturally come adorned with tiny flowers and lots of prettiness), but check out the cakes and cookies selection inside too.

Harry’s: For ultimate American diner fare, Harry’s is the joint (did I just say joint? Oh god I think I did). Bagels, pancakes and the like and lots of coffee.

Busy Bee’s Bagel Bakery: If Busy Bee’s could kindly open a bagel shop at the end of my road I would be eternally grateful. The most delicious fresh bagels, cakes and muffins with pretty much every filling you could dream of- the only way to start the day.


For lunch with a view: Caroline’s Café

The best pastries: Wayfayer

Breakfast in a veeeery cool lookin’ spot: Morning Glory


Dinner spots…

Los Dos Pedros: According to my family who are the ones to know for a great recommendation, the best tacos come from small hole in the wall spots, and Los dos Pedros is one of the best. Don’t expect glamour but expect good.

El Pescador: For delicious eat-in seafood and tacos, note down El Pescador for some mouth watering deliciousness.

…obviously there’s also an In ‘n’ Out burger too which is a perfectly perfect dinner option too.


Other gems…

Warwick’s: A complete institution and the country’s oldest family owned bookshop, Warwick’s is possibly the only place to go to get your next literary fix and I could have quite happily spent hours in here.

Humphrey’s By The Bay: Although San Diego has its fair share of great gig spots, we managed to catch King Gizzard at Humphrey’s and it was the perfect outdoor water spot to see the sun go down and enjoy some great music too.

Birch Aquarium: Having a toddler, an aquarium is always top of my list for a good educational-cum-sensory experience and much like the zoo, San Diego has a pretty special offering.

I know this is relatively short and sweet, but I wanted to note down a couple of favourites! I know I’ve barely scratched the surface (hence keeping it to La Jolla over the whole of San Diego)- but I know I’ll be grateful to have a little note of these for my next trip!



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    May 27, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    So many lovely images!

    Danielle |

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    Macey @ Brine & Books
    June 20, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    as a california native, i ought to know a bit more about san diego, but on my trips there, i’ve stuck to cute little basics like seaport village and downtown. i need to do a little more adventuring! a couple of years ago, my trip to sd involved la jolla, but only the beach, and only for a day. we’re going again next month, so i’m literally going to be using this blog post for our adventuring there :’)

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