Lifestyle Music · September 26, 2020

The Monthly Playlist: September


I’ll be honest and say that, it’s amazing I haven’t just listened to ‘The One’ by The Lemon Twigs this month- because I feel like as soon as I heard it (albeit a little late to the party) I knew it would comfortably slide into my Top songs this year (and you know what I get like when I like a song…)

This month has been a lovely mix of some old favourites (which always make me feel cosy and autumnal even when the sun is still shining) and some new gems too. Another new discovery was this brilliant track introduced to me by Gem– as well as a couple of incredible covers (see below and try and stop replaying) and this beautiful new record and cover by the lovely First Aid Kit ladies too.

Anyway, as the darker nights roll in and chiller days arrive- I’ll probably solely just be listening to ‘Our House‘ over and over and over, lighting candles, watching the Bake Off and waiting for Spring- which doesn’t sound like a terrible plan to me…



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