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The Beauty Products Worth Putting Make Up On For

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Okay, okay hear me out here. Before I begin, at the moment make up feels like a special occasion. Today, Monday- I began the day and PUT MAKE UP ON, and I feel like I could take over the world (or, ahem, walk to the supermarket without crying- which is close).

It’s a ~process~ I think I’ve taken for granted, and although I very much enjoy the luxury of having to do sweet FA in the mornings to consider myself ‘presentable’- actually, I’ve realised, I quite enjoy popping a bit of slap on to get myself ready each day- and if that makes me a bit vapid, or whatever, so be it! Because this woman loves a liner!

Anyway- as much as I love make up, I’m still in isolation like everyone else. The thought of putting on a gradient eyeshadow look, lipstick with lip liner or drawing daisies on my lids is strictly for special special occasions (maybe on my birthday or when I’m seriously dry in the content department) because that deserves to be seen and celebrated. SO! If you’re looking for a handful of products, or a suggestion of a #squad that are worth getting ready for, let me introduce you to a few favourites…

The Foundation that’s a serum WITH SPF

Talk about a product that is putting the hours in- this is your guy. The Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40*, yo! Whether you use a brush, or apply it like a serum after your morning cleanse, it’s a wonder worker at evening skin tone, protecting you from the sun, smells amazing and also provides really blinking decent coverage too (whilst still bringing the glow)- alongside the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation, these two are absolute gems whatever kind of day you’re having.

The ‘god-did-your-brow-lady-come-to-yours-during-QUARANTINE?!’ brow gel

Nope she didn’t! I did nothing! Just swiped a bit of the Arch Brow Shaping Gel* on from Hourglass and I was set! I’ve used the tinted version for as long as I can remember (I use dark brown) but have recently just been popping on the clear one if I need a bit of a quick brow groom. Simples.

The ‘nope, no mascara just curlers because I am, in fact, Lisa Eldridge’

One thing the wonderful Zoe Taylor taught me (and my mum also did, in fact) the power of were eyelash curlers. GOD THEY ARE TRANSFORMATIVE. Literally even if I don’t put on a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g else on and curl my lashes I look at least semi awake, which is amazing. My favourites are the Kevyn Aucoin ones, and I truly cannot recommend them enough.

The fancy bronzer, which I will buy again and again

I’ve had the Diorskin Mineral Nude* bronzer since time began, which a) shows how long it lasts and b) is a good sign it never leaves my make up bag because I still have it to hand. This is such a brilliant, glowy bronzer-which never feels too orangey and applies so beautifully and gently that you actually look sun kissed without Year 8 in 2005 bronzer vibes. Win win.

The blush that you can wear… everywhere

The Chanel Les Beiges Blush stick* is a diamond, and is the perfect product at doing a true ‘all in one’ make up look. Pop it on your cheeks for a flush, eyes for a dewy shadow, and even lips to tie it all together. It’s one of the products that I always have with me, in a handbag (remember those?) or just floating around.

And the power balm…

I am a sucker for a lip balm, and currently my lips feel drier than ever (I can confirm I am not encouraging the problem with my excessive lip balm use, I promise). Enter the Chanel Hydra Beauty balm*, which is every bit a treat as it is a total lip thirst quencher. Other favourites include the Mango balm dot com, LoveJamila’s multi balm* and the Kiehl’s Butterstick* too (not a stick of butter, FYI).


Okay one more- the best liquid liner…

I know liquid eyeliner might feel ‘a bit much’ for days at home, but if you’re in the market for one that’s not only easy to apply, lasts all day and has the perfect black pigmentation- may I introduce you to this Rouje bad boy. Named L’Eyeliner* (because everything sounds cooler in French)- this has quickly become a total make up bag staple and makes me feel very much together, on days I am very much not.

and to see the application…

What products do you swear by on these long quarantined days? Answers below! x

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