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Good In Bed: The Best Nightwear And My Favourite PJs

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I feel like this post needs to begin with a disclaimer. Not all of my pyjamas are this fancy (I was so, SO close to putting ‘but you never know who you might meet in your dreams’ but didn’t- you are welcome)…

But when nightwear turns to daywear, and whether you’re working from home or running in after work and wanting to decompress- a good pair of jim jams never did anybody wrong. To me, they’re one of my biggest ‘self care’ treats- some freshly ironed pjs ready after my bath or shower. PHWOAR.

But honestly, in the last couple of years I think I have ~levelled up~ a little in the nightwear game. My pyjama wear scales have tipped from old t-shirts (my favourite being a We Are Scientists one Joe gave me when we first started going out 11 years ago) to floral frilled linen sets as if I were an Austen extra or what I imagine Florence Welch wears when making her Frosted Wheats in the morning. IT’S ONE EXTREME TO ANOTHER AND I’M NOT SURE WHO I AM. But that’s fine- not every day is silky sets or boxers and band t shirts, and that’s what keeps things exciting around here- right. Right?

Anyway, today I thought I’d share my absolute favourite spots for sleepwear- because if anything is going to help catch the z’s it’s this lot…


Your Trusty Cottons
From the classic ‘Wee Willy Winkie’ jammies, toothpaste stripes and a few frills and florals in-between- this is your gang for the breton striped top of the pyjama world…

Desmond & Dempsey: Colourful hand-painted in London prints, quilted dressing gowns and a gorgeous story of a couple who bloody love a great pyjama shirt.

Sleeper: For two pieces and nightdresses too pretty to reserve solely for the bedroom- the perfect day-to-night no change ever options in the dreamiest florals. Also, feathered and ruffled sleeves. I’ll say no more.

Toast:  The kind of pyjamas that Jo March would wear- perfect cottons and linens, rosebud prints and subtle peter pan collars.

Alexa Chung:  From two pieces that would be good enough for the silver screen, wear these out, in bed and on holiday (eventually).

Yawn: The equivalent of a dress with pockets, these PJs are beautifully printed and equipped with pockets too- what more could you want?

Honna: The ultimate toothpaste stripe timeless jim-jam. 10/10 on the chic scale.  If your sleepwear is needing a bit of fun- are the place to go. From a nightdress that I call my Homer Moo Moo to prints that’ll have you smiling just looking at them. Aaah…


Kate Barnét:  With prints sourced from Delhi and a range consisting of beautiful two pieces, camis, nightdresses and silk gowns- they’re a dream (in more ways than one).

Jaipur Jammies: Designed in London, hand block printed in Jaipur and introduced to me by the gorgeous girls at A South London Makers Market– these are truly beautiful.

Doen: I know nobody asked, but in my dream world this is what I wear all the time forever and ever.


The High Street Honeyz
Because no matter what your budget there are some cracking sets out there…

Oliver Bonas: The latest (and most welcome) addition on the nightwear set. I have the mint pair and they are one of my favourite pairs ever.

John Lewis & Partners: The perfect place for a timeless set of pyjamas in a wonderful variety of styles.

Arket: If you’re the kind of person that wears cool clothes you might as well get some cool nightwear to boot, right?

The White Company:  For the most beautiful, simple pyjamas in gorgeous prints and clean shapes.

Cath Kidston: Is there really anywhere else to get crockery worthy chintzy print pyjamas? I don’t think so…

H&M: With everything from shirt sets, cami’s, jersey frills and a new collaboration with Desmond & Dempsey- they’ve got a pretty top selection.

Zara Home: Think affordable prairie nightdresses and classic cottons. A bit of a gem!


And the silk sets…
For some true grown-up luxury, here are the fanciest of the bunch for a true bedtime treat…

Love Stories Intimates: One of my favourite brands for underwear and pyjamas, they don’t have a huge selection but always have some true gems (see my holiday ones below).

Olivia von Halle: Hey now, hey now- these are what pyjama dreeeeams are made of.

Karen Mabon: Do I need say more than dog pyjamas? Okay BOOK PYJAMAS. The most exceptional quality and prints ever.

Liberty: Truly heavenly classic Liberty print pyjamas in both silk and cotton.

Chinti & Parker: Investment rainbow stripes and cute-as-a-button sleep masks.

Asceno: The creme de la creme of fancy pyjamas. A true investment (but one you can rest assured knowing you can wear them for pretty much every situation).


And my top tips for buying pyjamas?
  • For goodness sake, never get your actual clothes size in pyjamas. What are you trying to prove?! Size up if you can because these are meant to be comfortable and you should not feel restricted in yer jim jams. Ever.
  • Make sure they’re easy to wash- I know I’ve shared some silk pairs above (both of which I’ve washed on cool again and again and been safe with)- but do check, because dry clean only pyjamas should be reserved for weddings only- who can be dry cleaning their jammies!?

(Pyjamas from top to bottom: Sleeper (gifted), Oliver Bonas (gifted), Love Stories and Karen Mabon (gifted)



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