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AD | Giftmas Gift Guides 2019: Day 5, The Best of Etsy

(Headband, Candle, Calligraphy Set, Bauble, Earrings, Hot Water Bottle, Print, Hair Bow)

Post in collaboration with Etsy, post contains affiliate links

…here’s to the givers!

One thing I always like to do with these gift guides, is make sure I’m including the best selection of independent sellers and brands possible. Some of the most beautiful gems are tucked away in the littlest corners of the internet, but thankfully Etsy makes it remarkably easy to dig those special pieces out without having to dig too far. For today’s gift guide, I partnered up with Etsy to pick a handful of my favourite items on the site to get you started from some of my favourite sellers, as goodness knows sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

There is absolutely everything you could dream of on here, so it took a fair bit of narrowing down, but I think I got there! Whether you’re buying for a fashionable friend who has joined the Alice band gang, a sibling that’s always had a creative flair and would nail a spin at calligraphy or a colleague who has a long commute and would appreciate a bit of cosiness with this hot water bottle– Etsy have you covered. I also wanted to include this gorgeous candle from Hopscotch (a forever favourite on the site), this print which reminds me of my favourite 500 Days of Summer (no peeking, Joe) and this personalised bauble which would also make the most thoughtful gift- especially for a secret Santa. Finally, I also included these magical earrings and bow– for the ones who like to accessorise all year round too. I’ve also added some additional picks below from the rest of the site for some further inspiration too. One tip I always have for finding new sellers is to look at the favourite shops of your favourite sellers- because there’s always so much more to discover too!

The best of the rest of Etsy…

Come back tomorrow for day 6 of Giftmas!



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