Lifestyle Music · November 2, 2019

The Monthly Playlist: October

AHH! It’s the first of November- which means we pretty much just have Bonfire Night left until full festivities can really begin. I’ve felt particularly autumnal this week, and have been blessed with beautiful afternoons with low seasonal sunshine, hot teas on dog walks and steaming mac ‘n’ cheese on cosy dark evenings. So, after a month consisting of weddings, Halloween and (finally) NEW TAME IMPALA- it’s safe to say October’s playlist is a bit of a mix. I’ve developed a bit of a repetitive Elton John habit, but there’s also some autumnal goodness from Dusty, The Beatles and The Doors (as well as my dads favourite Dylan track/poem too).

Fortunately though, this *was* put together before the MCR news, otherwise I can’t promise it wouldn’t have just been the tinkling of Black Parade keys and very little else. Of course I do still have my Halloween playlist here too– in case you’re still prolonging the spooks for just a little longer…

P.S Although it’s been a while since I’ve done a whole playlist post, my Spotify and playlists always keep on going in the interim, and are organised even when I’m not! So if you do want to stay up to date with my playlists in case a month is missed here (I’m pretty sure there’s one for absolutely everything), you can do so by heading here too!

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